Monday, January 01, 2007

Laughing in the New Year

Happy 2007 everybody! Regular post to come later today -- my first New Year's Resolution!


paul said...

O Mighty Isis CajunQ take all the time you wantorneed Im notgoing anywhere and even the Lionsbeat Cowboys Detroit miracles
Happy NY Foxy Lady D
R2 C2!

the walking man said...

"The slightest vow, taken seriously, can change your life and bring out all the demons"
Michelle's Spell

That post was regular enough. I am just glad you didn't make it a deep promise because it's to early in the year to let the demons out. Besides i ave the day off and they would stay uncaged until tomorow until I gather them and recage them.

God knows I hate demons, they are such little bothersome pricks, so be wise have a few more shots of tequila..TWM's cure for a hangover and go back to that bed and sleep that smile away and bring a new one for tomorrow.

Peace Michelle


funny thing is though phonetically the letters i have to type in to post sound out ox work... so go back to sleep.