Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Diving Into The Wreck

Hi everyone! I've been absent from regular blogging to focus on writing a novel. It's been a lot of fun, but it also reminds me of my Biology II class where we disected cats. The dead cats lived in boxes, and each day my partner (a girl who was pregnant -- I don't know how she managed each morning without vomiting on said cat) and I would pull the cat out of the box and disect a new part. Each day, the cat got a little harder to pull out of the box, a little more rotted, a little more decimated. By week three, it took all my fortitude to look at it. A long project feels a big like opening up a dead cat every morning. But if you miss a day, it just gets harder and harder to look. So I force myself to work on it every day without fail. Other things have fallen to the side. But not the cat. Like a screenwriting book I once read said, You must save the cat!

We've lost two wonderful writers in the last week, Adrienne Rich and Harry Crews. I can't imagine two more different people, but I read them both religiously and loved Rich's poetry and Harry Crews' macabre sense of humor. Check out Feast of Snakes -- it's awesome! Hope everyone is hanging in there. The new age types tell me we are in a difficult cycle. I wouldn't doubt it. Stay safe and more soon!