Monday, January 22, 2007

All That Is Seen and Unseen

I met one of my closest friends because we showed up to school wearing the exact same dress. It was our first day of teaching college and since we had zero experience, we were assigned a mentor to help us along with the finer points. In her office dressed like twins, we couldn't stop laughing and looking at each other. The dresses we had were unusual -- long and brown, with printed flowers all over them and short capped sleeves. What can I say -- the early nineties were not kind in matters of fashion. I was also terribly attached to a hideous pair of maroon-colored leggings made of material so thin you could see my cellulite through them. I thought I looked smoking hot wearing these godforsaken pants until I saw a few pictures. Reality hit -- so cruel, so cruel! Fortunately, I saved all my leggings for home. We made a vow not to be seen together that day since we looked like deranged Holly Hobby twins and went our separate ways. When we saw each other in the hall, we shrieked and scooted away.

Turns out, we had lots of clothes that were alike, so much so that we took to calling each other before wearing certain outfits so that we didn't match. Teaching became like the Academy Awards -- God forbid we had the same dress! Although we looked nothing alike, our department chair called us the Gold Dust twins since we were always together and had our own language that we used to scare other people. And there was the matter of clothes --we sort of dressed alike no matter how much we worked against that impulse. Now I wear mostly black, a decision I made because it is slimming and flattering, but I like to say it's for the Johnny Cash reason, wearing a little darkness on my back for other people's suffering. And if I meet someone dressed like me, well, I'm sure we'll become the best of friends.

Michelle's Spell of the Day

"I wouldn't let anybody influence me into thinking I was doing the wrong thing by singing about death, hell and drugs. Because I've always done that, and I always will. " Johnny Cash

Cocktail Hour

Drinking music suggestion: The Man Comes Around Johnny Cash

Benedictions and Maledictions

Happy Monday! And thanks to everyone for the incredibly kind words about the first few videos! And AP, Grouchie has not been fed any crystal meth to keep him awake. He's an integral part of the filming process and is limited to Red Bull and Red Bull only!


AP said...

Bull! U lyin' HO!!!!!!! I will bitch slap you silly 'til Granholm and her DSS have him in protective custody. Bet on it! I will free him you Texas baitch!

Anonymous said...

AP said...

"Bull! U lyin' HO!!!!!!! I will bitch slap you silly 'til Granholm and her DSS have him in protective custody. Bet on it! I will free him you Texas baitch!"


ap does that stand for ass punk? Because I don't like your sense of humor and I won'r bitch slap your ashole self i will just go on and make you my bitch. And slap your punk ass silly while I fuck you in your ass. Grouchy can watch and tell me how deep to stroke it and when you skeet skeet all over your motherfucking anonymous face, you'll be begging DSS to take you into their protective custody you piece of shit. And if you want to know where to find me ..Just about any day Motor City Jo's Coffee shop On Hoover. No one talks like that to any friend of mine, in any venue be it in writing or live. If you need manners ass punk then come and get some.

Anonymous said...

WoW TWM... WoW, now I wont want to be in your bad books... hehe me a good oak...

Darn and now I dont have an idee anymore of what the topic were...

Yeah Well.
Enjoy you all

paul said...

R2CassC! OM

JR's Thumbprints said...

I've never given a damn about what I wear, as long as it's functional. Sometimes you just need to shop at those obscure places instead of the big chain retailers.

Anonymous said...

Only the little black dress gets away with being seen EVERYWHERE. Black is the woman's canvas and from there she can take it to any level.
It is horrifying in an absurd and funny way when you are side to side with another woman wearing the same outfit / dress.
I color my clothes with crayons and cut them out fresh every day so I don't see myself coming or god forbid, going. LOL
PS good thing you hung onto those leggings!

John Ricci said...

My Dear Michelle I am so glad the Auto Show is finally coming to an ending. It has been exhausting if also rewarding and I have not forgotten you. Quite on the contrary your blog has been constantly on my mind and heart. You make Detroit real and truly wondrous.

Now for the Walker I might suggest that he is not as at Peace as he had thought. I do not mean anything unkind in noting this truly. We all do have our bad days and truly I say that. I am too tired to make much sense I fear, but I also wonder what has happened to your Twin who must also be lovely?

Champagne toasts and caviar dreams my dear girl and I know you can take good care of your self. But if you ever need more just e-mail me at your leisure. Bravo dear one!

Anonymous said...

No matter what or how it is just so nice in this world where everyone is running around with their own personal heaven and hell that sometimes we connect. My favorite connection, of course, is when we find things to laugh about together.

I always enjoy the writing, Michelle.

Anonymous said...

John Ricci said...
"Now for the Walker I might suggest that he is not as at Peace as he had thought."

John I've read your resume, very impressive...Wharton, house in the Pointes, very good. Vey nice now suppose someone wrote that they were going to commit physical acts of violence against your friend or partner or you were in a eating establishment up on the hill and someone walked up up to your dinner companion and said "hey nice tit's" as soon as I get done bitch slapping this corporate whore from Grosse Pointe, I'm going to do what i want with you"

Your respnse would be.."Sir I take umbrage at those remarks?" Or would you throw your champaign and caviar dreams at the offensive one? or would you just let it slide making no remark continuing to eat your grilled swordfish steak making your friend take the abuse on them selves?

Sorry but you seem to have no understanding of peace, not except the most rudimentary ideal of it...lack of conflict. That, sir is not peace, that is simply temporary lack of trouble.

Simply because one responds to crudeness and implied brutality in like manner does not mean that Nirvana has been breached, yet rather that the Metta of your avowed Christriandom has been ful- filled.

"do unto others as you would have them do unto you" I simply promised that service to ap...yet being not constrained by any religion I am a bit more creative in the offering of my services. So sir my peace of body, soul nor spirit was disturbed in that response.

may you find peace beyond the passion of your prayers


shannon said...

So, I don't know if you'd even remember me, but I took your Contemporary American Lit class at Macomb maybe 8 (?!?) years ago. Anyway, I loved your class, I loved The Last Picture Show (and its sequels)and that you showed us a doc about Kerouac. And this post reminded me of Prof. Pinka, who, after looking over my portfolio on the last day of Creative Writing said, "You remind me of Dr. Brooks. Do you know her? You're spunky like her." It was probably the biggest compliment I've ever been given, and I just wanted to let you know.

Anonymous said...

uhm... don't look now, but grouchy is sneaking a peek...