Saturday, January 20, 2007

Happy Birthday to Miss Janis Joplin!


Anonymous said...

Great post. Love me some JJ myself.

My favorite karaoke performers are the obese women who sing Janis. I was at a bowling alley bar once and this woman belted out song after song, nearly popping a blood vessel on her face with each one. An

Your youtube vid is framing poorly with the rest of the site. Inside the embeddable code, it looks like the width is being set to 600. I would try to get it down to 400 or even 350.

Just a suggestion!

Dr. Groucho said...

Those technical nerds are invaluable. Especially the creative ones. Especially the ones from Michigan. It's as if they're sent from above. Bravo, Michelle. Excelsior!!! Rock on, Janis!!! Woo hooo, yeah, baby!!!

Short bus and Special said...

You have such a wonderfully ebubblient personality, Michelle.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, that was a lot of fun! And the lighting is great!

By the way, what is this thing called "fiction"? :)

I agree that Janis rocks (Grouch too). Incidentally, I have the most beautiful photo of her, if you are interested. She's actually topless and looks fantastic. So feminine. But I don't know how I'd get it to you.

And what a voice she had, huh?

Cardinal Spellman said...

What a marvelous collection of religious objects you have, Michelle. We must keep in mind the distinction between "cross" and "crucifix." The crucifix has the dead, crucified body of Christ affixed to it. The cross does not. My personal crucifix has the anagram "INRI"(meaning "Jesus, King of the Jews") nailed to the top of the cross. The Romans loved irony. Little did they know.

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