Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Done In By Detroit!

As I watched the ball drop last night, I watched all the people in Times Square while John Lennon's "Imagine" played. The announcer claimed the mood was "reflective" while the images were of a bunch of drunk people yelling and dancing while wearing novelty glasses that said 2007. It didn't seem incredibly thoughtful, but I suppose that the start of a new year can't help but be reflective especially for those who dread such an activity. Thinking about the past means "getting in touch with my feelings" (a dreadful phrase) and finding out that some of them are in fact predictably awful, and it's not an activity I encourage. Drinking helps until it doesn't. At any rate, I found myself clinging to the abusive leg of the old year until the ball dropped.

All that said, what are we to make of the new year? Well, the Lions kicked the Dallas Cowboys' asses, making me a very happy camper. The title of this entry comes from the Star Telegram front-page headline in Ft. Worth. Ha! So that's a start. As for everything else in the world, we'll be watching our televisions next year to find out who made it and who didn't and thinking, damn, how did another year pass without me even knowing it?

Michelle's Spell of the Day

"If it ain't rough, it ain't right." RIP Hamilton, Detroit Pistons

Cocktail Hour

If you drank a lot yesterday, like vats and vats until you blacked out, you should try the following recipe to get rid of some of the pain.

New Year's Day

1 glass of scotch whiskey served with three teaspoons of honey

Benedictions and Maledictions

Happy New Year's Day!


The Walking Man said...

I guess that this is the end of the time of year when we rush through our lives trying to satisfy the wants of others while at the same time trying to satisfy our own needs while hoping our own wants satisfied by others.

Personally i can say whew! made it through another without much scathing, scraping or, animosity. Most people who really know me, I mean really know me know that despite my protestations to the otherwise, I am not a prick.

For years i have been a sheep wearing the wolf's clothes because it was easier to keep people who only thoughtof me as an idiot or or someone easily manipulated away.

Yet them that know me know, there is no extent to which I will not go, including being devoured by the wolves of the world for them. Them that know me, really know me know that there s very little within my power to give that I will not give and that is more, much more than material things. Even to them that don't deserve that which I give, I still give because in the recieving they may learn and in the giving I definately become bigger.

How can giving something away, that by the very nature of giving, makes one less, actually make one bigger instead of smaller. If you give your favorite say...shirt away to someone, especially if they have no shirt to wear, the simple act of giving it makes you a bigger person and that spirit which provided you the means to acquire the means of obtaining that shirt will replace it a hundredfold. But that is a simple materiel thing.

What of when you give your heart or your soul or the actions of your spirit, even if rejected are you not made bigger by giving those things, which are ever so more impotant than the material. Is God not going to replace that which you have learned and given to anther with even more, more knowledge, more power and especially the wisdom to use it?

Yes I know that the few people who read these words are stuck somewhere between the noble anarchy of atheism, agnostism and the feeling that there is a God out there some where but not with them to them who cold chapter and verse you to life in complete sincerity of what they say. I respect you all, all faiths even those who profess to have faith in nothing but the work of their own mind and hands. It is good to at least to know that someone respects and does not try as a habit to change your beliefs.

That is not my duty to God, to teach is for others, to lead is for others, to be a true light for others is for someone else to do. My sole duty is to ask for and to give forgiveness for the harm I may have caused or been caused and to give what i can to them who ask for it.

For to me, a prick, it is the nature of man to desire peace and the core of peace is forgiveness and from forgiveness all other good things come. No matter what it is that you consider to be good, that is your decision not mine nor anyone else's.

So as the first blog of the new year I ask that we forgive one another and learn that peace is an easier quality of life than turmoil. May you all live in peace and recieve the wisdom to learn from your past mistakes as i have to propagate that peace.

To those of you who even think you really know me I will end this note differently this one time...


The Walking Man

PS There was actually less gunfire in Detroit last night according to the old lady. Price of ammo must have gone up because I slept through it all. And NYC somber is a fuck of lot different than TWM's

so this was my blog posting from this morning on my own blog in another place may you all find that peace I spoke of, now get your ass back to Michigan Michelle, enough fun time.

Laura said...

Good post Michelle. I always wonder what lies in store for us in the new year, and this year is no different. I'm hoping this year will be a little better that last year and I pray that it will be no worse. Have a healthy and Happy 2007.

John Ricci said...

Dear Michelle, it was a tragic day for Big Blue and Ann Arbor but we shall survive and look to better times. Your lovely views and posts today make up for the terrible loss to a great degree and put me back in good humour. I really enjoyed the first view of the day especially. Peace man to the Walker and always nice Laura and to you I raise my glasses and say Bravo as always!

JR's Thumbprints said...

No hang-over for me. I've had lots of practice drinking whiskey & water. Everything in moderation, Michelle. So here's to the New Year and to what it may bring, Cheers!

Gore Vidal said...

I'll miss Howard's singing to me in the shower this year.

Lamar Obama said...

What up in '07, Kramer?