Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Black Lights

Once I was at a dinner party where one of the guests, Mike, claimed that he had over 10,000 pictures of Farrah Faucett. Mike had just returned from an all-gay cruise vacation (A thousand men on a ship -- yay! was his summation of the experience), and he tried to explain his Farrah obsession. She's just so beautiful, he said. Do you know she paints? While I believe that Farrah is indeed a beautiful woman, like all objects of obsession, it's almost impossible to explain what makes her more special to Mike than anyone else. Another guest named Tommy at the same party had a similiar dilemma -- relating the plot of Rocky IV. Dude, he said, motioning with his hands to Mike, It's a lot more than you think. Tommy continued with about twenty minutes of tedious plot description before adding, I can't explain what the movie did to me. There's so much more to it. It's emotional.

Now that the sixth installment of the Rocky series is out, I suspect that I'll hear that sentiment again. The clips suggest that Sylvester S. taps into his old boxer's heart and pulls out another victory. It's a story we love, that fight against all the odds. Strangely, Farrah is also involved in that story, except it's a horribly real fight against cancer. Many years have passed since the dinner party. I wonder if Mike still has his collection and worries about Farrah. I hope that Tommy looks forward to the new Rocky movie and hasn't grown cynical and bored. When boxers get knocked out, they see something referred to as the black lights. I've been hit hard enough to see stars. That was enough for me to get the point, but the world, so wondrous and hideous, has much more in store, I'm certain.

Michelle's Spell of the Day

"A definition of peace: the moment when you reload your rifle." Bob Dylan

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Drinking movie suggestion: Blood On The Tracks Bob Dylan

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Happy Tuesday! P.S. I put this fur coat on after a breakfast of veal and shark fin soup. Kidding! The fur in the picture is not real.


Kwame said...

Farrah has always been one of my favorites. I'd love to have her as a dancer. She could make Strawberry seem like history.

The Walking Man said...

Kwame...Strawberry is history they found her dead two weeks after the story of the party broke in the media...last i heard stil an unsolved homocide.

The Walking Man said...

Wait a minute here..I have to address the first last, you take a picture showing yourself holding a gun, are from Texas where death is institutionalized, and you worry someone may think bad of you because your fur is NOT fake?

Fuck that if I had the money and they made them short enough i'd give you a full length mink to wear and then beg you to shoot the fucker that poured paint on it, after all you have the gun.

What is it that propells obsession in people, not the stalking kind but the type where they latch on to someone or an object or a story and can't let go of it because it has become such a part of their life?

Just a guess but probably the same reason some people cry at scenes in movies, even if it's not a particular touching one for most of the audience it hit's that one person in thier I wish spot.

I wish i could be like that,or I wish I had handled the same situation in the same way,or I wish I could be as beautiful as she is, or I wish I had the taters to get into a street brawl against the kid who kicked my ass after i trained him and whoop the shit out of him.

Personally I wish I didn't let a tear leak out at some scenes I see in movies but other than that i know that i am not particulary handsome, that i want no more bar brawls and that Farrah has as good a chance of remission as the next victim, it is like in all of the above, her bodies chemistry reacting. either they got to it in time or she will have to fight for her life as long as she can hold up. My mom held up thrugh 13 roounds of chemo but in the end she made her choice without consultation fom them that cared for her the most.

Mike's love for Farrah's beauty is his body chemistry and Tommy the same thing they both wish they had it inside them to be that one thing they adore.

I have never been knocked out and no one has been able to hit me hard enough for me to see floaters but I know that in the end good doesn't always win in reality, sometimes the evil wins and that is also usually a matter of chemistry or physiology. Bigger man, stronger disease.

But once I dug through all of the shit that I had covered my life in I found my own beauty and even a bit of the worlds. The hideous is just the wrapper once it comes off there really is wonderous awe, even for a prick like me.Even for an 80 ear old woman who chooses to die instead of trying more and more chemicals that just took away from her the freedom she loved about her life.

Double dose of peace for you Michele and all of your readers today


Anonymous said...

Oh my God Michelle I love your hair! You are so beautiful! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello my friend . . . I'm back! Things are smoothing out and hopefully NOT getting back to normal! LOL Happy New Year! I missed you and your daily blogs. I hope your holidays were delightful! xo

Anonymous said...

The only thing that would make the Rocky series complete now is if he puts out a small counter top grill for cooking lean and fat free meat. Or perhaps The Rocky Teriyaki stir fry wok. Hummmmmm.

John Ricci said...

Dear Michelle another lovely post and view as always. You look most becoming in fur and my only regret is not to see your beautiful legs and feet. The Dylan line is most amusing. Champagne toasts and caviar dreams my dear and a delightful Bravo! We should have a red carpet parade for your return to Detroit that the Walker advises. I would provide the street bubbly.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Farrah Faucett and Slyvester Stallone, who are they? Must be before my time. (I wish.) Unless Rocky IV has a realistic ending, something like Mike Tyson getting arrested in Arizona with cocaine on him and in him, I too am not interested in this movie. As for Farrah, I wish I had her poster, I'd sell it on Ebay.

Kwame said...

It's unsolved because I shut Cox up with something I know. I need someone like Farrah to assuage my guilt.

Anonymous said...

Like Sheila, I love the hair, Miss M! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, you truly are gorgeous. That picture is incredible. And, as always, I'm mesmerized by your writing. You're the greatest! -Jill