Sunday, December 24, 2006

Break The Ice With Teacher's Scotch

This is the brand of scotch mentioned in Raymond Carver's fabulous story "Gazebo" that begins "In the morning she licks Teachers off my belly and by the afternoon, she's trying to throw herself out the window." Groovy story, groovy ad, what more is there to want?


Anonymous said...

Michelle, I said I would do no more postings on your blog, but I am compelled to do one more.

Here's a merry Christmas to you, and a prosperous New Year. Here's to good friends, rich relationships, and much laughter.


Dr. Ford Juford said...


Thomas Pynchon said...

Carver sucks ass.

TWM said...

Mnay more of these ads and madison ave is going to get me off 6 years of any provacative jim beam ones in there that might tell me why i drank a fifth a night for nearly 20 years?