Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gin And Tonic For The Soul



Scott said...


Another fine mixology video! I don't suppose you know any good drink recepies involving rum, do you?
'Summer's cool in a David Lynchian-kind of way'...very nicely put,LOL!

Hope your weekend is going well...mine has sucked thus far, as I've spent my first Saturday off I've had in a month being sick!

the walking man said...

Old School Gin: 100% grain alcohol+fresh mashed juniper berries squashed by a fat man cavorting in a bathtub.

Charles Gramlich said...

That blue gin always makes me think of Romulan Ale. Man, I guess I'm a nerd.

Cheri said...

I think that you beating that bag made me happier than anything else!

I shall try this recipe, not cheapskating and bypassing the Schwepps, after the baby.

Jason said...

I'm not a wasp and i love gin. Gin martini's and gin and tonic is my shit.

I've been using Tanqueray 10 which is fantastic. My favorite way to chill a glass is to fill it with ice while I make my mix, then toss the ice out of the glass when I'm ready.

I will not wear that dress. :)

Anonymous said...

For extra lift in your G and T, fly to Taqueray's London Dry Gin--94 Proof!!!! Michigan State moves to the FINAL FOUR!!!!, beating #1 Louisville. See you in Motown, State!!!!--JLCGULL

jodi said...

U not a wasp; U a Honeybee!!!! xo

Anonymous said...

Two words: implants and liposuction.--Nip and Tuck

Anonymous said...

Most people don't know that a shake dancer was the dark lady of the sonnets.--Shakey

the walking man said...

Nip and Tuck--Two words--Ass hole.

Dave said...

Dr. Brooks:

Another classic!

I watched the Blood Mary video before the Gin and Tonic and noted some nice contrast. You seem to be having a great deal of fun in the BM video while in the GT video you are more matter-of-fact. Both work well, but I find that the BM video shows a lighter side to you that we rarely see.

I would like to see more of the lighter side.

With Sincere Regards,