Monday, May 17, 2010

My Darling From The Lions

I once took a yoga class from a transgendered woman who had recently completed her process of becoming a woman. She had a sadistic streak and loved to tell me, "I know you're really flexible, but your form is poor." This was six months after I'd been filleted like a fish (description by beautiful Jodi of the J Spot!) and wasn't moving too well at all. But this woman had just had her penis chopped off; I wasn't getting a lot of sympathy. She loved to smile at us at the end of class in a creepy way, and say, "I hope everyone felt something tonight."

I did feel a lot of pain during those classes, unlike when I woke up during surgery. I could see my organs, but I couldn't say or feel anything. Mercifully, I fell back under pretty quickly. I have to say, my organs looked pretty good considering all the shenanigans through which I have put them. Eventually I changed to a gentler yoga instructor, one that wore tie dye pants and carried a lot of extra weight around the hips. My kind of girl! I didn't feel as much sometimes, but like the yogis say, sometimes awareness is more than enough.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"Rescue my soul from their destructions, my darling from the lions." Psalms 35:17

Cocktail Hour
Hey everyone -- I started a small side blog called Detroit Proper which will serve as a container for my pictures of the Motor City. I won't post every single day on it, but if you ever get the longing to see the D, here it is in all its glory. Also, my VERY favorite show in the world returns on June 27th. Yes, Hung is back!

Benedictions and Maledictions
Happy Monday! Thanks so Dave who pointed our the gender mistake in the first sentence. The teacher did become a woman, not a man!


Anonymous said...

You can't seriously be contemplating returning to the D after your Empyrean flights to heights of literary academia. I don't believe it. This must be a very long range plan! At least ten years into the future!--Herman Northrop Frye

Anonymous said...

The prayers for the donkey dick are answered! Are they not?--Sancho Panza

Tim said...

I don't know if I could ever attempt yoga, let alone return to it after going through what you went through.
Michelle, I love the darker color of your hair in the last few pictures.

Anonymous said...

The awareness of yoga is an inner as well as outer peace!--Pradeep Yoga

the walking man said...

You back in Detroit for good yet?

Anonymous said...


Charles Gramlich said...

that first one sounds like some coaches I had.

Anonymous said...

"...who had recently completed her process of becoming a man....this woman had just had her penis chopped off..."

The woman had her penis chopped of in order to become a man?

Must have been a married man...

BTW: all this talk of penises and Hung and such: I think you need to turn off the TV and go out and get some, Michelle!

Lord knows that I don't get much. But, then again, I'm married (see castration reference above).

Anonymous said...

Life is a bear!--Theodore Roethke

Jason said...

Your eyes look great in this shot.

I can't imagine what waking up during surgery would feel like. Glad your still here!

Are there any links to buy the books you've been writing? Plug your product Michelle!