Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ye Olde Toy Store

Hello readers! Thanks for all the supportive comments and e-mails about the memoir excerpt. In this picture, I'm sitting in my office at work holding a postcard of my little friend Blythe. It's Jim Jones' birthday today, and I've been having an odd day from beginning to end, so no surprise there. I spent some time in a great toy store in Detroit, the Ye Olde Toy Store on Harper which in addition to being where I adopted Baby Grouchie has some excellent toys for very good prices. I bought a bunch of Pistons' dinnerware in case I want to have a formal dinner party (much better than fine china and people aren't so nervous about breaking it). It's also very close to one of my ex-boyfriend's birthday, the one obsessed with Krusty the Klown. I asked the owner if there was any Krusty stuff and she said, There's an older gentleman that comes in and buys whatever I have. Bingo! After a few details, I knew that it was him. I managed to get the last Krusty item, a blow-up Krusty punching bag which mimics the only gift I ever received from my Grandpa Charlie, a Bozo punching bag. Like much of Detroit, the toy store is struggling to stay in business so if you're in the area and need a dose of nostalgia and some toys you could never even imagine like a Dylan barbie from 90210, please go in and buy stuff. Baby Grouchie will thank you. And as you all know, he's the real star and brains of this blog.
Ye Old Toy Store
29929 Harper Ave St Clair Shores, MI 48082
Now I'm going to watch the Pistons. And I'll be back at you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Pistons win! They eliminate Orlando and move to the Eastern conference finals for the sixth year in a row!!!!!!--Bob Cousy

the walking man said...

I'll take a swing at that Krusty bag.
I don't know M, crossing 8 mile may be dangerous for me, the anonymous' seem to crawl out of the woodwork if I stray to far from home. ha ha ha ha Crash!

No Fear
No Woman
No cry

no mark
no why

Cheri said...

Clowns make me think of two things- Stephen King and John Wayne Gacey, for obvious reasons. Creepy.

There's an admissions rep at my work who has her entire office decorated in clowns... drawings, paintings, photos, clown dolls, figurines... I fucking hate going in there.

laughingwolf said...

lovely pic of your daughter, blythe, but you should seriously consider giving up on the windbloze machine and getting a MAC... ANY mac! ;) lol

Charles Gramlich said...

Now that's an interesting office at "work." Not at all like mine.

proud suburbanite said...

What did St. Clair Shores ever do to you? What did the residents of St. Clair Shores ever do to you? When you say a store is in Detroit, when it is actually in St. Clair Shores, you insult the city and the people of St. Clair Shores! Get it!? People move to St. Clair Shores, or Grosse Pointe Farms, or Clinton Twp., or Rochester Hills, etc. to GET AWAY FROM DETROIT! Can you tell the difference between Detroit and the suburbs? Maybe you don't actually live in Detroit but in one of its suburbs (don't tell The Walking Man-- you'll break his heart. He knows St. Clair Shores isn't Detroit!-- it's on the other side of 8 Mile, for one thing).

Anonymous said...

Don't be too hard on Brooksie. Remember where she's originally from ... Texas!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So should we call the Pistons the Auburn Hills Pistons?