Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cinco De Mayo In Detroit

Hi everyone! Here are some pictures from Cinco de Mayo in Detroit. Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Two heart attacks on plates, please.--Florine Mark

laughingwolf said...

no longer 'murder' city?

looks like fun times, though! :)

Anonymous said...

No Mr. Big shot--Pistons win! No Franzen Mule--Wings win! On to the championships!! Life is good in Detroit!!!--Bob Cousy and JLCGULL

the walking man said...

Dang I knew there was something wrong when the old lady and I went to lunch over there on the 8th. I was expecting a party and got a quiet peaceful meal instead. Ha ha.

laughingwolf don't make me bust a cap in your ass. Jaysus, why don't you come and see for yourself, and more importantly quit making disparaging remarks about others home. It is the same as a dog that shits on the front lawn eh?

Passionate Peace


laughingwolf said...

lol i've been to detroit, many times, and always felt safe!

only going by what the old newscasts used to call it ;)

Anonymous said...

I hate Detroit. It's nothing but an ugly, stinking ghetto!

the walking man said...

Anonymous eat shit.

laughingwolf good for you. One federal agency opened up a Detroit field office to punish it's employees for blowing the whistle, It sent them here as a reprimand. Now that is dumping on the old homestead big time eh?



the walking man said...

It was the office of the special prosecutor for the FBI.