Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Here's a poem that first appeared in Harpur Palate. Thanks for reading, and I'll be back at you tomorrow when I recover from the semester!


Tell me yours and spare no detail.
I am dining on men tonight. Do
you need a secretary to take down
your every brilliant word before you
even say it? A nurse to bathe those
parts that you could reach if it weren’t
for the iv? Love doesn’t matter here.
I’m not one of those women who is going
to make you say it. I’m whatever you
need, baby, until one night I beat you half
to death with a baseball bat I have hidden
under my bed in case of an intruder. No
one knows what can happen in the dark.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Big Shot gets a bad break, but not with the bat. Have a good one baby, cool poem, and you deserve a cold one for all that schoolin'.--Bob Cousy

Anonymous said...

Didn't I see you on 8 Mile when I was picketing the abortion clinic?--Cardinal Spellman

chris said...

Sounds like She is being everything she does not want to be.

Only until She gets tired of it.

I like this one !

Anonymous said...

Go Wings! Make Marty Turco see stars with Detroit goals!!!!Make him forget where he went to college!!!Go Winged Wheelers!!!On to the Stanley Cup!!!Beat Dallas!!!--JLCGULL

Charles Gramlich said...

But I bet the sex was good up until that moment when the shit with the bat happened.

the walking man said...

Dammmmnnnn Girlllllll!

I...this is....holy shit!

I think I'll just stay home tonight, put on some sweats and watch TV with a beer as a friend tonight. And uhh thanks for the warning. ha ha ha ha ha.



laughingwolf said...

prob with baseball bats: too big/heavy

solution: the 18 - 24 inches cut off the butt end of a pool cue!

so easy to swing, even single-handed :P lol

sexy said...