Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sex And The Single Girl

The Sex and the City movie opens tonight, and I must report that I will be seeing it. A lot of people I know hated the show, the frothy confection of it, the inherent selfishness of the characters, the lack of gritty realism. I understand this completely. The four women who comprised the whole of it have no real family complications, no hideous financial difficulties, and an endless supply of free time which to meet and chat about men, fashion, and sex. The women stay in almost model condition despite drinking tons of cosmos, eating terrible food, never seeming to work out. This isn't real life, not even close. But having said all that, I can defend the show on the basis that it captures something about the obsessive nature of women and their analysis of men, the way some women can take something a man says in passing and midrash that statement as if it were the sacred Torah. It also addresses the horrors and joys of sex, opening up the scary questions -- what's normal, the judgement passed on women who sleep with lots of people (and I have to say, praise be to Jesus, that the "sluttish" woman is never punished for her wild ways), the concerns of age and sexuality and fertility, the fear people have of single women.

My friend Hank used to say that married people were always on their best behavior around their single friends, silently fighting up until the question of marriage is brought up and then it's the best thing ever, really! "It's like something bad in tupperware," he said. "Here, try this!" I don't share his cynical view entirely --when marriage works, it's the best thing going. But like one of the minor characters said in Sex and the City, Marriage is like couture. It must fit perfectly or it's a disaster. A lot of my married friends in moments of honesty tell me that they wish to be single again or that they fear their single friends will steal their husbands. Again, I defer to Hank. All you know about someone you steal is that they can be stolen. Not much comfort to rest on there, whether it be a single bed or a king-size one. I still have a set of sheets from my first marriage. Even after all these years, they still exist in the corporal world, not beautiful, but sturdy enough for a single girl to enjoy for a long time.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"I could kill myself." Me after the Pistons loss (by four points!) last night

Cocktail Hour
Drinking movie suggestion: Sex and the City

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Happy Thursday!


the walking man said...

NO! Don't do it! It's only a basketball game...ha ha haha haha
told ya. :-P

I don't know shit about couture or exact matches...with marriage and sex pretty soon after the temperamental battles and crap are over it is just a comfortable way to be.

I find the key to a good marriage is find someone well grounded then you (I) can be the crazy half. That provides a life times worth of entertainment.


Cheri said...

I've read another book by the chick who created SITC. I probably won't see the movie and I haven't ever really watched the show, but you're right about the portrayl of women.

Charles Gramlich said...

I can't really speak to this show, having never watched it.

chris said...

Marriage is like couture, yes I had to look that one up. I can't say I have bought very many. Lost one, thank God for small Miracles.

Trying to keep this one but she has been Bitchy lately.

It must fit perfectly or it is a disaster.

I like this one. However do you remember that old pair of shoes that eveyone has, and for some reason they don't fit right anymore, You can't figure it out, nothing has changed with you. Hmmmm, Something to ponder .

Tim said...

Have faith in the Pistons Michelle, they still have a shot. I'd love to see them roll over the Celtics.

laughingwolf said...

i'm like charles, never saw the show, or whatever that 'housewives' thing is called... nor most others

as for marriage... been there, done that

chris said...

What the hell is going on here ?

I missed the dog in the Pic.

Is this something new ? I thought I had read something that said all your friends have pets but not you.

Is this now Womans best friend ?

jodi said...

Darling Michelle, Pistons are just teasing us. Not to worry, they will rise up in true Piston glory!!! SATC!!!!! I will be there enjoying the fantasy and lusting after the shoes. The order of the night is: cosmos, movie/popcorn, cosmos again. I did the girliness of it all. The men, for once are secondary!! We will SATC for ourselves soon!!xoxo

Billy Angel said...

I think Here are some interesting quotes from Nietzsche:

From love of man one occasionally embraces someone at random (because one cannot embrace all); but one must not tell him this---

In the end one loves one's desire and not what is desired.

The best friend will probably acquire the best wife, because a good marriage is founded on the talent for friendship.

If we live together with another person too closely, what happens is similar to when we repeatedly handle a good engraving with our bare hands: one day all we have left is a piece of dirty paper. The soul of a human being too can finally become tattered by being handled continually; and that is how it finally appears to us--we never see the beauty of its original design again.

Anonymous said...

The title of your post sounds familiar.--Helen Gurley Brown

Raymond Valentine said...

I'm off to see it tonight, although I will never admit to my girlfriend that I'm somewhat looking forward to it.

jodi said...

P.S. Is that the famous Sissy Lyn in the pic? Lookin' rather red eyed demonic, I must say.... xo

Lana Gramlich said...

I've never watched that show. It seemed to "typical" for my liking. From your description, it sounds like I was right.

Anonymous said...

Go Pistons!--Fred Zolner

poppi said...

I disagree with your comments regarding SATC and don't think you've watched the show enough. There's way more than meets the eye: be it from the view of a character, audience member or the producer/director.

Anonymous said...

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