Monday, May 19, 2008

Sex, Sex, Sex

Hi everyone! I'm doing a talk soon on writing about sex and wanted to ask for your suggestions about great/memorable sex scenes in books and movies. I consider a good sex scene as something integral to plot, that reveals something about both character and situation. Of course, my earliest sex education came from Flowers In The Attic which explains a lot. Thanks in advance for the help!

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"Sex is the thing that takes the least amount of time and causes the most amount of trouble." John Berrymore

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Drinking reading suggestion: The Collected Stories Amy Hempel

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Cheri said...

This is a great question; I am really going to have to think about it!! I'll e-mail you my answer. What is your e-mail address, anyways?

robthefob said...

'last tango in paris' would be my pick (if you've seen it you know what scene i'm talking about). i don't even know what to say about it, really. it was disturbing but also...complicated. also similar to the rape/sex/power dynamics in ayn rand's 'the fountainhead. the web that sex spins gets everyone tangled up and not knowing where the exits are.

chris said...

I read quite alot, but not much on the Sex Scenes. As far as movies how about Vanilla Sky with Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, The only thing that pops to mind.

Here is an idea, Pick up some copies of Penthouse forum for research. Would it be to racy to ask about personel experiences ?
It seems a lot easier to remember from experience than to remember from watching a movie.

What ever you decide, there will always be, first time with a new Lover passion and the heat of the moment.

Dear God Woman, ask me about Guns, explosives, security, Tractor Trailers, Motorcycles or fast cars, guitars. However don't post a sultry, sexy photo of your self and ask about SEX, it could drive your readers " nuttttts ". It is one of many great photos you have posted.

laughingwolf said...

i have a friend in north carolina who writes scripts for porn flicks, perhaps if you talk with her?

Me_Again said...

"Scripts for porn flicks", so damn funny.
I saw Lady Chatterly at the Detroit Film Theatre, so damn funny!
I e-mailed you a while ago inquiring about any workshops you are having this summer.
Please e-mail back with some of your engagements =0)

Jason said...

Out of Site! The whole sequence in the bar, the drink orders, the pretending to be different people, the stripping in front of one another, ending up with a giddy mad-dash into the bed. Sexy. CRAZY SEXY!

The next morning, she awakes to discover a gun on her pillow. I mean cmon!

Chris, You are thinking of Eyes Wide Shut, by the way.

I remember Sharon Stone had some awful sex scenes in Sliver. There was an interesting bit of foreplay in it when Baldwin makes her take of her panties at a crowded restaurant table.

For a (supposedly) comedic look at sex and S&M, there was the Exit to Eden (with an always uber hot Dana Delany).

John Ricci said...

Dearest Michelle
it is such a wonderful time to be alive and working in Detroit. Two playoff teams and wondrous salubrious weather. Here is a sex scene worth remembering. Monster's Ball with Halle Barry and William Robert Thornton. Champagne wishes and caviar dreams and AS ALWAYS a Detroit Bravo dear Catholic girl!

chris said...

Jason, I stand corrected. It must have been the image of Nicole Kidmad stuck in my mind.

Anonymous said...

Screwing Chistopher Moltisanti's whore in Vegas after he "died" and I was on peyote was incredible. Talk about an epiphany. She told me afterward that it was beyond multiple orgasms for her.--Tony Soprano

Cheri said...

Okay I thought about it and don't have your e-mail address so here it is:

The blowjob in Brown Bunny. Vincent Gallo is creepy but the movie actually has Chloe sucking him off and it's totally hot. Just as long as you don't mind seeing his ugly face once in a while.

Charles Gramlich said...

One of my favorite sex scenes is actually from the Terminator, when Sarah Conner and Kyle Reese make love. It's very short, but the preliminary showing of Sarah touching his shoulder, weeping for the pain he's suffered, is powerful.

R's Musings said...

How about the fun one in 9 1/2 weeks in front of the refrigerator -- all of that whipped cream, the fruit, the honey pouring down her inner thighs? Very sexy.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the movie, "Luna" from like '79 with Jill Clayburgh again the other night. Man, that is a strange one. If you've never seen it, check it out. Really strange relationship she has with her son in that one. Really interesting imagery also.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at Amy Hempel's short story The most girl part of you. You might already know it, but I think you'd like it in any case.

Joe said...

These pictures and questions really make me an unproductive employee, Michelle.

Thank you for the mental vacation.

Billy Angel said...
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