Thursday, May 03, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Today is Mommy's birthday, but I do not know how old she is. She tells me not to worry, that she's a young mommy and won't die soon, but I still would like to know. Anyway, I haven't been writing lately which Mommy says is natural in the early stages. She is very smart, my mommy! And probably not that old! Anyway, if I could, I would make myself small like the little grouchie in this picture and get her a cake to show her how much I love her. As it is, I am still too afraid to leave the house. I made it to the window so far. But in my little form, I can go anywhere, even to a cake store where people in aprons would ask me what I wanted. Mommy says there's a very depressing Raymond Carver story about a birthday cake that she will read to me tonight if I want. And I want! Mommy tells the best bedtime stories, usually in very clipped sentences with lots of dramatic hand gestures. I will see if I can leave the house tomorrow! Happy birthday, Mommy!


eric said...

Happy Birthday Michelle Brooks.
And keep the faith Oscar. Keep writing and don't be such a grouch. Don't isolate like we know you do when depressed Oscar. You do have to give a little piece of your heart in order to achieve anything that you love, especially in writing.
Write well
we all love a grouchie narrator

Tony Soprano said...

I just had a birthday recently and I enjoyed it very much, except for that fight over the monopoly game. I wish you all the best, Michelle, and I also send my best regards to the little Grouchie in all his incantations! Have a happy birthday!--Tony

TV Guide said...

Thirty-one days until the last day of the Sopranos!

Cheri said...

Happy Birthday, Grouchie's Mommy!


Grouchie, I have a cousin of yours that does nothing but sit and guard my bookshelf. At least you want to make it out!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Michelle from your friends in the Tar Heel State.

Sheila said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!!

the walking man said...

I know how old she is Grouchie...but for your reasoning on the matter let's just say she is under 100 yrs old.

And if you want I will bring my dog, who is pictured on my blog, over and she will pick you up and carry you outside; and you would need not have any fear because she would protect you as one of her own babies,

I know she would because when she lived in Virginia, your mother can tell you where that is, she killed a 200 pound bear protecting herself.

The only thing is you would have to ride her the way Bob the horse,also pictured, does.

The Hamburglar said...

Happi Bert Day!

realbigwings said...

Beautiful blessings for your new year, Michelle! To be doled out at just the right times, and in potent exotic manners.

Hope you're having a lovely day.

John Ricci said...

One more Bravo to Grochie's little dream helper and a Happy Birth Day day of miracles and champagne toasts!