Thursday, May 17, 2007

Drink The Water

As I was purchasing some Vitamin Water at 7-11 yesterday, a woman asked me if it was okay to drink. I need that shit, but all of it tastes, you know, like medicine. You look like someone I can trust to tell me the truth. What flavor do you have? The woman looked a little strung-out, the way I feel most of the time. Her Big Gulp shook in her hands, so much that some of it had spilled on the counter near my array of items, selected in a rush because I have not worked up the nerve to endure the grocery store in some time. The Vitamin Water I favor is Revive, a purple concoction tasting vaguely of grapes. I told her and she said, Rhubarb water in a horrified voice that made me laugh. I assured her that I was the last person to be touching a vegetable much less drinking water flavored with those vile little things. Truth is, the woman was right to ask me. I hate drinking water, loathe it. I force it down as if it were gin, sip after small sip, making faces and telling myself it's good for me, an elixir for eternal youth. I have to take so many things I hate, she said. I don't want to hate one more thing.
Earlier in the day, I saw another woman in line ordering ice-cream and water. She had two small children, was exceptionally beautiful, perfectly groomed, well-dressed, and had an aura of calmness that seemed impossible. I was mesmerized by how placid she stayed when one of her boys threw his water on the floor, saying that it was too cold. I don't like it and you can't make me drink cold water, never ever ever ever, he said. She asked the woman at the counter if she had any warm water. The woman, not young, pretty, or rich, looked as if she wanted to smack her, but regained composure and got a cup of it from the sink. When it was my turn, she asked me what I wanted, and I ordered yogurt. The woman offered me some free water for waiting so long behind the mother and children. I wanted to say no, but I took it and forced some of it down. Like so many things that are given freely, like advice and love, it was hard to accept at first, but I did and was thankful for it.
Michelle's Spell of the Day
"I drink to find other people less boring." Christopher Hitchens
Cocktail Hour
Drinking short story collection suggestion: Days Mary Robinson
Benedictions and Maledictions
One of my most wonderful students, Sharon Laurents, died yesterday after a long battle with leukemia. Rest in peace, dear Sharon! Many condolences to her family and friends.
On a side note, dear readers, I ask you for civility to others in your comments. I am loathe to monitor comments because I believe that the board tends to right itself. There is room enough for everyone on the board! Please be as kind as possible. Unlike Rodney King, I will not ask why we can't just get along -- I only ask that everyone is treated with kindness, respect, or plenty of space.
Also, Baby Grouchie left the house for the first time in many years to revisit the toy store where he lived before me. He will write about this experience later this week in a piece he has tenatively titled, "Grouchie Leaves Home For the First Time in Some Time in Mommy's Car Snowflake and Was Very Very Afraid But Did Not Cry."


Charles Gramlich said...

I'm sorry to hear about Sharon. As for doing things we hate, I try to do at least one a day. It must be the Catholic in me.

Native Detroiter said...

Go Red Wings!!!Beat da Ducks!!!

TV Guide said...

Seventeen more days until the last day of the Sopranos!

Tony's friend Sonya said...

I didn't want to tell Tony Soprano at the time in Vegas, but their sex was very similar, Tony's and Christopher's. I think the peyote we did took the sting out of Chris' death. Sorry about your student, Michelle, and thanks for your support of the Sopranos. Only three episodes left.

Tony Soprano said...

The title of the next episode is like the title of one your poems, Michelle--"The Second Coming" and we did not placate it, rest assured. Don't miss it!--Tony

seventh sister said...

maybe the mom infrontofyou at the counter was on something a little stronger than water.

the walking man said...

As i start this i first wish to apologize to them i am sure i have offended with my words in the past and i hope that the apology is accepted in the spirit it is given in. sincerely Mark C.Durfee aka The Walking Man

Brooks, wait first let me understand this, you do your grocery shopping at the 7-11 are you that terrified of being in the presence of a vegetable that you can't just rush past that portion of the grocery store? Man that is some heavy duty shopping at the 7-11, choosing between all of those candy bars and beers and what flavor of cream to dump in your coffee. Do you buy those burrito things by the dozen and freeze them as you head home eating a hot dog while you drive, without relish of course because it is pickled cucumber.

Now you know why i always caffeinate my water. So much more reason to drink it that way. Last year when i was making frequent drives to my moms i would stop and pick up a quart of that energy water, unfortunately it was when i was only a couple of miles from her house, so I spent most of the visit peeing.

She asked if i would like her to move her wheel chair to the bathroom so we could have an uninterrupted talk. I know she had seen it before when she bathed me as a youth but I declined the offer but just before i left i swear i was in there for fifteen minutes and she asked me when I came out if i had taken a shower.

Now to me that is composure and brilliance in teasing.

Good going Grouchie, i hope you enjoyed riding in Snowflake, was it clean inside or messy? curious minds want to know and most importantly did you wear your seat belt or just have a fw belts and went commando?

I didn't know Sharon Laurents but I know she sleeps safely with her ancestors and i know God will send her family that spirit of comfort in this most hardest of times.



rush limbaugh said...

As far as I know, I have never been offensive to anyone.

Ok, maybe some lefty weenies.

Anonymous said...

It is not you Walking Man that I find offensive. I actually appreciate your insight most of the time. It is the other two men who won't reveal their name and go on such vulgar rants. And I know who they are. Let everyone who blogs be civil, courteous and kind. Kip

Laura said...

I just drink regular tap water and add a lemon wedge. It's easy and it's cheap.

Susan Miller said...

I'm sticking with seventh sister on this one. I'm all for everybody being great and fantastic and blah, blah, blah...but that doesn't mean I believe it.

Maybe tomorrow I will.

I'm also sorry to hear about Sharon.

e said...

pick a night
they're all the same
you go out, get drunk
have your fun and come home
you sit down
in front of your computer
and think about the night
you just had, smoked, did
and if that doesn't work
you think about one
that does work for you
and soon it won't
matter what fucking night
it actually is
becuase the only night
that matters is that night

Isn't that the way it should always be?

lost sheep said...

Vitamin water? If you don't eat vegies, why worry about drinking water? Mtn. Dew and chocolate can sustain anybody. Besides, bottled water is where THEY put the mind control agents...

I'm sorry to hear about Sharon. I know how much you care for your students in general, especially someone who was a favorite. It's a blessing to be remembered after death, as there are so many things to make us all forget the fallen and the sick. You're a wonderful shepherd, m.

wing's fan said...

and go Pistons--fifth straight confrence finals appearance. My sports facts are second to none, m. You can post by them.

August said...

I'm with Laura on the water-and-lemon thing. Vitamin Water is nothing but sugar (and, ok, a few vitamins, but there is a lot of sugar in there!).