Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Way Of All Flesh

When asked how many husbands she'd had, art collector Peggy Guggenheim replied, My own or other people's? I once had a friend who juggled a husband, two kids, and an affair with a co-worker for seven years. She didn't, as they say, seem the type. Her hair was cut into an extremely practical wash and go style, and she never wore anything more revealing than a polo shirt with the top button undone. No Peggy Guggenheim, she did not revel in her infidelity, but it came to define her all the same. In time, her husband and her boyfriend went the way of all flesh. The affair, she told me, became as tiresome. If you want to lose weight, she said, the first year is great -- you feel like you're alive again and every day is a miracle. The rest after that is as tedious as a PBS pledge drive and as exhausting as working two jobs.
Questioned about his ability to keep his marriage together in Hollywood despite all the temptations, Samuel L. Jackson revealed the following -- I think about all the shit I have and divide it by half. That'll keep your ass straight. I have been a victim of infidelity a few times; it wasn't as apocalyptic as I'd imagined. I didn't start calling friends or loading guns. My guns are always loaded. But I know how these things end so I kept my cool. You don't, as they say, shoot a man who is already hanging himself.
Michelle's Spell of the Day
"That's what an audience had to see to be fully engaged -- the threatened destruction of a human being and the rebirth of this person." Sidney Poitier
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Drinking novel suggestion: Painted Desert by Rick Barthelme
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Tony Soprano said...

I started thinking about my weight when I got on the bathroom scale and it was close to 300, but I took off all my clothes and it wasn't so bad. My girlfriends help keep me in shape too, if you know what I mean.

Rodney Dangerfield said...

I know what you mean, but I still don't get no respect, if you know what I mean. I just feel chained to Michelle, if you know what I mean.

Samuel L. Jackson said...


the walking man said...

That is one hell of a big chain ...but it would make for an awful short leash.

Your friend, did both her husband and boyfriend die? Because it is the only way of all flesh or did they just discover her duplicity and both leave?

I don't know to much about infidelity, I know of one time my first wife fucked another guy while I was on the road for the final stage of that chapter she told me about it and the abortion, before I came back to Detroit, but we weren't legally entangled yet.

I came back anyways didn't think like Sampson when he said about Deliliah that someone else has been plowing in my field. I just let it go without thought.

That may have been my second greatest mistake, the first leaving a good job in a place I loved (Berkley) to marry the woman, who was probably having an affair or two while we were still married but I never thought about it until years later. I mean I was just there to donate seed for kids who rarely talk to me now.

But i have my woman now and we have been together better than two decades and that big ass chain we kept on each other got smaller month by month until eventually it wasn't there anymore. My wife has a good body and i am sure she had as much opportunity as I did, but because the chain was gone the love and trust was more important than the offered sexual encounters.

paul said...


Sheila said...

Having one boyfriend is hard work enough... I couldn't imagine having more!

Susan Miller said...

Oh Samuel L., how I just love his quotes. The man just tells it like it is, doesn't he?

And then you...

"You don't, as they say, shoot a man who is already hanging himself."

Either we live and learn or we live and don't learn or we don't live. It really is frustratingly simple, isn't it?

Charles Gramlich said...

I like the point about diets. Losing weight is great but then it becomes tedious to keep it off. Writing can be like that some times. I love that first draft feel, but then sometimes it becomes a bit tedious to polish, work, revise, polish and more polish, day in, day out.

Robin (Capitulation) said...

You always come up with great last lines, Michelle!