Sunday, March 11, 2007

Your Hair Is As Black As Your Soul

Years ago, my sister took care of two older mentally- challenged women named Barbara and Ethel. They shared a room in a group home and yelled at each other constantly. Barbara, Ethel would say, you old whore. Quit with the red lipstick already. Who are you trying to impress, tramp? Ethel would ride Barbara about her gray hair -- Looking for roots again? Your hair is as black as your soul. Dye it one more time and it will all fall out. As high as their animosity was about having to spend a lot of their days and nights together, they chose to spend their free time together as well. When asked about this, Ethel replied, Who the fuck else would I want to talk to except that bitch? Picture this coming from the sweetest-looking elderly woman with tiny red ribbons tied in her hair. Friendship can be such an odd thing! I always think of the first line of the Carson McCullers novel, The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, about the two mutes who went everywhere in town together.
I was at the airport yesterday and on my flight, one of the stars from the reality show Little People, Big World was sitting in first class. I recognized her immediately from other documentaries on little people and from ads -- I've never seen the actual show. Once we landed, she met her little person co-star and greeted him as if she hadn't seen him for years. They walked to baggage claim as happy and comfortable as two people could be. I didn't know if they were friends, family, or lovers, but I watched them as the luggage carousel went round and round. Her bag was considerably larger than she was, but with her co-star's help, they wrestled it off the machine and went on their way into the very big world, which is, for even the largest person, hard to navigate alone.
Michelle's Spell of the Day
"I felt there were times it was absolutely mandatory that the world be skewed, that I could no longer bear it dead-on, that it had to be twisted." Harry Crews
Cocktail Hour
Drinking short story collection suggestion: Everything That Rises Must Converge Flannery O'Connor
Benedictions and Maledictions
29 days until The Sopranos airs! There's a great picture of Tony and the gang on the cover of Cigar Afficianado. Thanks, dear friend, who sent this along to me!


Cigar Store Indian said...

Tony Soprano probably won't be sleeping with the fishes after all, as Mr. Chase believes that in the real world crime actually does pay. Talk about a skewed vision.

JR's Thumbprints said...

There's unlikely buddies in the prison system too. Some times it's ust friendship; other times, someone's "turning out" the other. Love the title.

paul said...


realbigwings said...


I love the progression of friend images through this one. Once again, well done.


the walking man said...

I wish the whole entire world, every person on it no matter what condition they are in, right this moment could hear the piece of music that just randomly popped up on my lap top, that they could just stop for about the five minutes it takes to listen to.

Give me love (Give Me Peace on Earth) George Harrison--Living in the Material World

M.L. Littlebeer said...

At one time the Beatles declared that they were more popular than Jesus. Provincial rubes.

the walking man said...

actually it was John Lennon in an interview on their second tour of the united states and what he said in effect was 'it seems as if we are unfortunately more popular than Jesus Christ'
The context of the interview was that they could go no where outside or perform without thousands of fans chasing them all over hell and gone and that the noise at thier shows was so loud that the could barely hear themselves play.

*sigh* but I suppose there will never be the truth of the statement come out now that the myth has become a part of popular culture.

and by the way the reason their last 4 albums were studio albums was because the crowd noise WAS to so loud they could not hear themselves play at all, no matter where in the world they tried to do a show. But provincial rubes no have to disagree because Liverpool england was a ship building industrial city much like detoit and if I am a provincial rube then so be it.