Friday, September 08, 2006

We're Going To Graceland

The thing that impressed me most about Graceland wasn't the tacky excess, the Elvis worshippers, or the camp beauty of the jungle room, but it was the Lisa Marie, Elvis' private jet. I wouldn't have even taken the full package tour except that my dad was intent on seeing everything, especially the planes. Given that he was a pilot, who was I to say no? It was our first and probably only time at Graceland (me, my dad, and sister went shortly after my mother died). The Lisa Marie had all the conveniences of my then-apartment and a king-sized bed with a airline regulation seatbelt. I fly a fair amount -- such a luxury thrilled me. The image of a flying bed stayed with me through all the gift shops -- and no, I did not go crazy. I bought one tasteful tank top and a few Taking Care of Business! postcards.

Even though my dad loved to fly, I have never quite taken to the experience. I did enjoy riding in the air luggage carrier as a child (since the weight limit was eighty pounds, I could squeeze into the space). That seems a lot more fun than any airport experience I've had in years. Airports make me weepy and tired, full of self-pity. I'm always standing in long lines, only to drop and spill food I just bought all over the floor. The smell gets to me, the noise, the tensions of security. I'm not the type of person who is full of adventure and joie de vivre at these times. And of course, I'm reminded of my parents who loved airports and travels. It's enough to make a person think it would have been good to be the King, to have a bed in your private jet and wake up on the ground, right at your next destination, like magic.

Michelle's Spell of the Day

"I have reason to believe that we will all be received/ We're going to Graceland." Paul Simon

Cocktail Hour

Banana and Peanut Butter Drinky-Poo

1 part banana liqueur
1 part godiva chocolate
1 part vodka

Serve chilled and get ready to take care of business!

Benedictions and Maledictions

Recipe Book for the Week -- Are You Hungry Tonight? (a great book of recipes that Elvis loved. It's not exactly South Beach Diet,
but . . . )


JR's Thumbprints said...

The only luxury I'd like to be afforded is the ability to not have to go anywhere. No working. No shopping. No nothing. Just me, on my property, minding my own business. I suppose, if I did have to travel though, the Lisa Marie would be a fine way to get there.

I'm not going to ask where you are or what you're standing in. Nope. Won't ask.

The King said...

Viva Las Vegas!

Surrender the Pink said...

With Carrie, I knew I could be deeply in love.--Paul Simon


I HATE flying, but I think I could start to like it a little bit if I had my own private jet with a bedroom.

Anomaly said...

Maybe it's still the novelty, but I love airports. Even standing in the queue for umpteen hours.

Or that is, I loved airports the one time I got to fly ;)

Maybe I'm over them already?

Love the post,


JLCGULL said...

I fly almost everywhere.

Sheila said...

I absolutely love this picture! It is awesome! I think flying is alright... it sure as hell gets you there faster.