Friday, September 29, 2006

Turn Out the Stars

One of my favorite photographs ever was taken by my friend Keith. In the photograph, a man stands in front of a marquee advertising The Exorcist. His face, marked with what looks like a huge knife scar, seems unbearably sad. It's almost night in the picture, my favorite time, the last of the twilight. It's clear that the man doesn't know he's being photographed (having been a subject of Keith's photographs myself, I can attest to the fact that the man can snap a shot before you even understand you have a camera near you). Some of Keith's pictures, including this one and another one I liked, were published in the Ontario Review, and I bought both of them because I liked looking at them.

For years, the man with the knife scar hung above my computer. I was going through a bad patch romantically speaking, and it came as no big surprise that I found out during the feng-shui craze of the late 90s that I had hung it dead center in what was classified as the love/relationship portion of my home. I often wondered what had happened to the man in the crowd since the picture -- it was almost thirty years later. Was he dead? Did he go see the movie, did his life take any turns? Mine would, exquisite and painful ones, that would leave me as mystified as my friend in the picture. If you were to trace his scar, you'd find it wasn't that big compared to everything else in the picture, but it's what you notice as the day turns into night.

Michelle's Spell of the Day

"Photography is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality" -- Alfred Steiglitz

Cocktail Hour

Camera Obscura

1 shot glass of coffee liqueur served in hot chocolate.

Benedictions and Maledictions

Halloween movie selection for the weekend: Misery


Allen Funt said...

I like all thing papparazzi. How they go to such great lengths to get what they want. How they brave personal jeopardy(not to mention getting punched). How they make such fools of themselves. I really like those assholes.

Al Pacino said...

I show everyone at work your blogger photos, Michelle. They tell me I'm in a movie. I tell them I am.

Man Ray said...

I like Steiglitz. But I like Ansel Adams even better. Those adobe church pictures of his blow my mind. They are so simple, but so close to God.

The Joker said...

Very pretty smile, Michelle.

The Dark Knight said...

It is a very pretty smile. But don't worry about The Joker, Michelle. I'll fix his wagon good.

r's musings said...

Interesting quote. I've been contemplating photography today. Even did some self-portraits--yuck! Hoping it helps with the self-acceptance... As for Keith's photos, I loved the black and white cover shot he did for Orchid a couple years ago! Gorgeous!

Tim said...

Some people have a great eye when it comes to seeing through the camera lens and knowing how a picture is going to turn out. I'm the opposite of those people, so if you're ever in need of a fuzzy, out-of-focus, meaningless picture give me a call.

Paul said...

O Mighty Isis Cajun Queen that's the smile cheers me right up Foxy Lady hanging out. In Detroit the Tigers will be playing and the steam will come from the grills tonite like cold swamp mist
R2 C2!

Anonymous said...

Chicks dig scars.

I have one on my right hand that I hate.