Monday, September 11, 2006

A Ministry of Presence

"We're on a ship, pal" my friend's date said in a defensive tone. We (meaning my friend, her date, our other friend, and her boyfriend) were at Red Lobster. Two couples and me, one couple established, the other that instead of launching into a relationship were on the way out, destined to end up in the land of the five date wonder were all trapped on a ship according to the new guy, who I will refer to as Billy Bob since he kind of resembled him, the Thornton one, a mighty cool dude. The same could not be said of our Billy Bob. He'd been way nervous about meeting his new pseudo-girlfriend's friends and had pre-gamed (an expression sorority girls use for getting drunk before a big party in order to umm, relax) at the Bennigan's next door where his car was parked in case he needed to beat a hasty retreat. The ship comment came from the established boyfriend making a comment about the decor of the Red Lobster, how strange all the little plaques looked. "We are on a ship," Billy Bob repeated again, fingering the lone shark tooth dangling from a suede cord around his neck. "That's the point of this place."

Billy Bob had picked the locale since it was his favorite seafood restaurant. I hadn't been in years and was glad that the food had not changed one iota. It was just like that proustian madelaine, except it was a proustian shrimp scampi. Man, did the past come flooding back, and was I ever eager to push it down again. I tried making conversation, but it was difficult with someone whose opening gambit of conversation was that he'd had a hex put on him and did I know anyone who could take it off? Alas, it wasn't quite the warm-up I'd expected. My friend held his hand kindly, as if she were doing charity work at a nursing home. We all got drinks and did the best we could. We were on a ship, after all.

Michelle's Spell of the Day

"You either make it or you don't." Billy Bob Thornton, Pushing Tin

Cocktail Hour

Drinking Movie Suggestion: Pushing Tin

Benedictions and Maledictions

"Rainy days and Mondays always get me down . . ."


Huron said...

Billy Bob was spooky with that feather in the control tower. But cool.

Wichita-Lineman said...

So were you the fifth wheel that night. It's always an adventure meeting other peoples new other half. Some try so hard to impress, to win you over to look better in the light of their new love. That reason alone has made for some very long night while being fed endless lines of bullshit. Just nod along and keep the drinks coming.

John Ricci said...

Dear Michelle,
It sounds as if you could have used a lifeboat for escape, but drinks probably helped ease the awkwardness. That skirt is a knockout, if I may say so. To that, to you and your post, lovely and bravo!

JR's Thumbprints said...

I always get the blackened Cajun catfish when I'm a Red Lobster. Oh, and a couple of beers to wash it down. No pregaming for me, especially before a meal.