Monday, July 19, 2010

What Men Want

Hey guys -- I haven't had time to take pictures for about a month, so here's an old one of me and the lovely Stacey from the vaults.

Got into a conversation the other day about what men want. Oh my. We already know what women want based on the Mel Gibson movie of the same name, right? Mel Gibson, that prize! Am I the only woman who didn't like Mel before all these tapes came out and find him more interesting now than he ever was on screen? He bored me in all his movies; now he sounds absolutely psychotic which is a change. But back to the menfolk. It's a broad topic, of course. But here's another take on the old question -- Men don't want to be your best friend. I think there's something bad about the contemporary age that has demystified romance. Your best friend can waste two good hours twirling around Target, looking for Snoopy paper towels. Your best friend can debate about clothes, concealer (I like the Dior, but it's so expensive! Maybe the Sephora brand one will work .. . ), and if the Entertainment Tonight guy who interviews the latest dumpee of Jake The Bachelor is really enjoying himself (Look, he's eating this shit up!)

Men don't want this in romance. Men, of course, all want different things based on who they are. No need to generalize. But I'm guessing some things are a given just like certain word combinations inspire fear -- maintenance chemotherapy, permanent make-up, dinner theater, confirmed bachelor, common-law wife, destination wedding. I'm guessing that it might be a good thing to not treat your beloved like your bff. Any comments on where this tendency comes from or other thoughts?

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Movie suggestion: Cyrus review tomorrow -- see it!

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Check out the Cornell West interview in Playboy -- the always excellent Brother West is brilliant and funny as always.

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Charles Gramlich said...

Amen. being in a relationship can mean that you are friends, but there's still something different about it and men generally don't want to be treated like a girlfriend.

Rob said...

ah, mel gibson. speaking of romance, check out my wedding pics michelle! hope you're well!

Heff said...




We're NOT that complicated.

Lana Gramlich said...

When I think of "what men want," images of knee pads spring to mind. <:\