Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Creepy Objects Of My Own Choosing

Have been working steadily in the doldrums of summer. Summer, weirdly, is a good time for writing in some ways given that there's so much sunshine that one (meaning me) desires to be inside. Away from skin damage, heat stroke, and afflictions of all kinds. Which brings me to the above picture. This lovely piece of art hung in my first writing space, an "office" connected to Daddy's garage. With no heating or cooling, the room acted as a furnace, keeping the hot side hot and the cool side cool. There wasn't much to recommend it as inspirational except that it was more private than the rest of the house, primarily because nobody wanted to spend very long in that room. This ancient warrior was one of the less creepy decorations.

So what's your writing space like? Does it matter where you work? I have spent a long time filling mine with talismans of good luck and creepy objects of my own choosing. But I find I can work anywhere, even with a million distractions. For some reason, I don't get into the complete silence thing. So tell me your secrets. Back tomorrow!

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"Do not despise the bottom rungs in the ascent to greatness." Publilius Syrus

Cocktail Hour
Check out Jim's great chapbook for sale at Motor City Burning Press! I'll be doing a review of it soon.

Benedictions and Maledictions
Happy Wednesday!


G said...

My current writing area is in the basement of my house. However, I do the bulk of my original writing everywhere but in the basement. I usually write everything out by hand, then transcribe to the computer.

I enjoy the summer, because it gives the opportunity to sit outside and write. Motivation is the key, and sitting less than twenty feet from a mountian is the best motivation I can get.

So the great outdoors is my writing area as well.

the walking man said...

I don't care where I do what I do. I don't care if I am interrupted or drawn into doing something else as long as in my mind I know I am still hungry for whatever project I have going at the moment I know I will feed it before the belly growls and throw off all distractions no matter how beautiful they are.

I will even write in Juno

Charles Gramlich said...

Nowdays I sure like being able to look out my window on occassion and see birds. But generally I don't really care much where I'm writing.

Lana Gramlich said...

I tend to paint on the couch, in front of the TV. I have an "art room" in the house, but it's not really functional. It's become my "art stuff storage room" more than anything. <:\