Saturday, July 03, 2010

Happy Fourth!

It's another holiday weekend, one that seems to bring out the worst kind of craziness in people. Heat, misery, booze, firecrackers and my rather unkind wish that the dipshits down the street who feel the need to shoot guns and fireworks at three in the morning might injure, well, a delicate appendage, are all par for the course. While I respect the meaning of the day, I choose not to grill, see fireworks displays, or wear red, white, and or blue. I don't look good in any of those colors and vanity prevents this simple display of patriotism. Plus, I'm way too worried about where Lebron will play next year. Please, King James, consider Detroit! We will treat you right. All hail, King James!

Even so, I feel the need to take a moment and imagine not having what we often take for granted. Freedom to write what I want, dress how I want, act as I want. A lot of us spend 364 days a year complaining about our country which is wonderful -- we're free to do so. So I take this weekend off from all that and give thanks to our troops, to the activists, even to the souls that somehow manage to be politicians. We get so stuck in our opinions which are constantly reinforced in this technological age where we can stay in a protected bubble where we are never challenged to see the world in any other way except those in which we are comfortable. The best poetry advice I ever received applies here -- Look closely. Stop acting as if you have seen it all. Enjoy the moment.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"Freedom lies in being bold.” Robert Frost

Cocktail Hour
Fourth plans?

Benedictions and Maledictions
Happy Saturday! Many prayers go out to Joni Eareckson Tada in her recovery from surgery to remove breast cancer. While not always agreeing with her politically, I have had absolute admiration for Joni since reading her first memoir, Joni, as a child and find her subsequent works to be eloquent, refreshing, and inspiring. Get well, Joni!


Charles Gramlich said...

You hit the nail on the head. I've been trying these past few years to be much more thankful for all I have.

jodi said...

Michella Bella-Thank the good lord we have the freedom to wear our 'get ups'-as my grandpa used to call 'em! Enjoy your day however suits you, Doll!

jodi said...

Hello SisterbyadifferentMother, I too, read the 'Joni" book as a young girl. Crazy!

Lana Gramlich said...

We don't really "do" the 4th, either. We don't really "do" any holidays (except for Thanksgiving & Xmas, which is more about Charles' son.)

John Ricci said...

My dearest Michelle
Champagne wishes and caivar dreams to you my dear Catholic poster Girl
As Ever Bravo!

the walking man said...

I am glad it's over now so I can tell more easily the difference between dumb asses with fireworks and dumb asses with guns. There was a lot of big ones this year m-80's or long barrel pistols.

I never need a day to celebrate my freedom and I hate the way the nationalists have co-opted the very symbols of patriotism.

Whitenoise said...

A belated happy 4th, Michelle.