Monday, July 12, 2010

Pink Is The New Birthday!

Happy birthday to Trent, creator of the fabulous Pink Is The New Blog! Here we are, not so many years ago, at a party in Ann Arbor.

Novel excerpt of the day -- back tomorrow with cocktails!

“It seems like a real drag to actually have people over for a massage. Cleaning the house, setting fresh towels in the bathroom,” Amber says. She’s going through a second childhood, having been denied a first by Mother’s fragile psyche. When I got married oh so many years ago, Mother made me swear I wouldn’t have a baby. “You want to ruin your life, that’s a good way to do it.” On that point, Hank and Mother found common ground. Hank often says that the perfect woman would have no kids, no cats, no red hair, and not love for Disney. His first serious girlfriend had two sons, three cats, and bright red dreadlocks. She, however, did not like Disney.

“She massaged me a little before y’all got here,” Johnny said.

“You’re supposed to be drinking water to flush out your toxins,” Amber said. “all that is in you has to come out or it will give you a massive headache.”

“This fancy shit really is better than what Amy serves during her fat meetings.
Damn, it goes down easy.”

I offer some to Johnny, but he declines, sticking with his bottle of Jack. “I prefer to wash out my toxins with whiskey. What the fuck is a fat meeting?”

Hank and I explain that Amy is the president of the Philadelphia chapter of NAFA, the National Organization for Fat Acceptance. She takes her role as spokesperson seriously. I once saw her on ABC news, talking about how people would make mooing sounds at her as she went for her daily walk. “What I want to tell people is that I’m fine, I’m just fat.” This line along with a shot of Amy looking off into the distance served as the close for the segment.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"Sometimes a mattress is just a mattress." Ray Drecker, Hung

Cocktail Hour
Hung episode this Sunday -- best ever!

Benedictions and Maledictions
Happy Monday!


jodi said...

Hunny, the fancy shit usually DOES go down better! Just got introduced to 1800 and wah-lah!--no maragarita hangover! How about that very wise Ray Drecker? Love him! xoxo

the walking man said...

At least she had no love for Disney--one out of three ain;'t bad.

Charles Gramlich said...

Good excerpt. I'm drinking water today to flush out the toxins from yesterday.