Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Cure For Summer

Lest you think I've been running ten miles a day and eating dry toast this summer, I present to you these lovely cocktails. I'm planning on making a video (I know, I've been promising, but now for sure.) Any of these concoctions you'd like to see made?

Also, thanks for all thoughts and prayers for Sissy Lynn. She is still hanging on. Never let it be said she isn't tough! Happy Thursday to all!


Anonymous said...

hi michelle,

what a sweet dog. Did you know that we will see our pets back in heaven? Martin Zender wrote about this. According to Adolph E. Knoch animals are closer to God than the angels. So is Siss. Remember the Ark of Covenant. God was inside but there were cherubs with animal heads so close to God.

I don't want to interrupt your blog but this youtube is so funny, after 5 minutes it's getting weird:


* You saw Jesus in the Playboy?

Lana Gramlich said...

That last 2 looks like margaritas, which I've grown to love since moving to LA. Unfortunately our crappy "lightning-fast" satellite internet doesn't like videos, which is why I only post ones that last a few seconds. Every second of video works out to a minute of upload/download time. Crappy satellite.

jodi said...

Hi Babe, I too, have been imbibing like a crazy woman. Had some wonderful blue Margaritas with 1800 and I swear the better booze makes a difference! Stay cool, doll!