Thursday, July 29, 2010

Exile On Main Street

The summer Mr. Anderson got arrested for molesting one of his fifth grade students named Brandy, Angela Dawn drove the Chicken Express delivery on through the streets of Mineral Wells every night as if it were an ambulance except that instead of flashing lights, a big rubber chicken had been fastened to the hood. People took the huge flapping chicken as a warning sign to get out of the way as Angela Dawn blared Exile On Main Street, a tape that had belonged to her dad Charles.

Angela Dawn had trained to be a lifeguard with her friend Em earlier that summer. During practice, she’d mostly laid on the backboard, a paralyzed victim amid the chaos of those trying to be careful with her as they did not know what her injuries were. She and Em passed the test, but didn’t get hired even though the manager, a middle-aged divorced ex-cop with three kids spent a lot of his time harassing them and telling Em, a pretty neurotic brunette who was working on a poetry cycle titled Irrational Fears, if she wanted to be a stepmother.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Cocktail Hour
Documentary suggestion: Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work

Benedictions and Maledictions
Happy Thursday!


Charles Gramlich said...

Some folks just have a way about them. I'm shuddering over that guy's comments about Em.

the walking man said...

There is absolutely no mystery left in your reasons for leaving Mineral Wells. Mr. Anderson should have been given the rubber chicken (rectally) and the lifeguard manager should have drowned. Seeing as you imply neither happened, yep...time to scoot.

jodi said...

Hi Beauty, I love that pic. Also, that opening line is stellar. Sad, funny and so so wry!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...


Lana Gramlich said...

Irrational Fears? I think not...