Monday, November 30, 2009


Another brief excerpt -- thanks for reading!

Mother and Amber have driven to Ft. Worth and Daddy is working on his plane in the garage so we’ve lit candles all over the living room in preparation for Captain Tim’s arrival. This is our all out last ditch effort at the Melissa-Tim set-up. Angela Dawn has seemed plain miserable after the July fourth attack, appears a little cheerier tonight. She suggests we play Mother’s Steppenwolf album to create a romantic ambiance. I doubt that “Don’t Step On The Grass, Sam” is going to make Captain Tim swoon, but I go along with the idea. My six hour Woodstock documentary plays in the background.

“I brought my chess board,” Melissa says. “I figure I can ask him to teach me. Noting sexier than buttering a man up.”

“I suppose not,” I say.

Captain Tim rings the doorbell, and Angela Dawn and I run into the den to hide so Melissa and Tim can have maximum privacy.

“Where is everyone?” Captain Tim asks. “I saw Angela Dawn’s truck outside.”

“I’m not sure. I think Diane and Angela Dawn are in the other room, braiding leather or lighting patchouli. But I have a chess board and neither of them will play with me. Will you play with me?” Melissa asks.

Captain Tim, I know, senses a set up and nearly trips getting out of the house. “The Pusherman” doesn’t quite do the trick as far as fostering romance.

“He’s afraid of intimacy,” Angela Dawn says. “I studied that in freshman psychology.”

“It took a long time for Professor Jeff to warm up to me.” I didn’t add that after said thaw, he fucked me twice and then requested another figure drawing model for his classes. The truth is rarely welcome in situations requiring comfort.

“Girls, why is it so dark in here?” Daddy asks, emerging from the garage. “What happened to all the light?”

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"I feel ghostly unreal until I become somebody else again on the screen." Peter Sellers

Cocktail Hour
Drinking television suggestion: Hoarders is back! And I'll be back with some holiday shots to make the season bright.

Benedictions and Maledictions
Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Zee zikeology, eh?--Inspector Cloud Clueso

the walking man said...

Good screen shot. Captain Tim is a smart guy and how did the girls answer pops question..."Oh we were just trying to scare ourselves?"

Charles Gramlich said...

The Steppenwolf riff works perfectly as a back drop here.