Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Gone Wrong

Hi everyone -- hope you're having a happy Sunday and not a Sunday gone wrong as one of my friends says about that depressing feeling that can come at the end of the weekend. And the holidays are on the horizon, every store with the jingly happy music and stuff. Already random strangers are complaining to me about the stress. Seriously. In a locker room today, a half-dressed woman ranted about how bad she already felt. Do not let all the bullshit get you down. Watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special and relax. Don't buy into all the corporate garbage. Especially that hideously cheery Gap ad that has a lot of athletic types in it, doing a little song and dance about Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and the Winter Solstice. If anyone does a dance around me in a scarf, he or she risks getting bit. Seriously people.

Cheesecake recipe as promised:

2 cans of Crescent recipe creations dough sheet
2 bars of cream cheese

Grease pan. Put one dough sheet down. Melt four or five pats of butter and cream cheese in microwave. Spread on the dough sheet after mixing in a little vanilla and sugar. Put down second dough sheet and a couple of pats of butter and a ton of cinnamon sugar. Bake at 350 for twenty minutes. Heaven!


the walking man said...

Kiddo if you see the end of my week end coming let me know ahead of time will ya? I wouldn't want to get all depressed and shit because I had something to do.

Charles Gramlich said...

I posted already about what a good Sunday Lana and I had. I hope you make it through the season OK>

Whitenoise said...

It's a funny (as in "odd") season, eh? The best part is watching little kids buy into the myth.

jodi said...

Hi Babe, I LOVE Sunday's. The day seems so long. No real routine makes for dreamy possibilities. Yea, here we go again-let's try to stay sane. Cocktails help! (i hear)

Scott said...


That recipe sounds good. Honestly, though, the accompanying pic is more the type of cheesecake I like. :)

I'm already getting edgy about the Holidays being crammed down our throats...Halloween is just over and Thanksgiving isn't even here yet, and the stores have friggin' trees and stuff everywhere! Hell, they has the stuff up before Halloween was even over...guess I need to watch Charlie Brown and relax,too.

Hope you have a good week, Darlin'. :)

Laura Benedict said...

Bengal's "holiday season" has started. Tears about fearing the naughty list and everything.

I'm just hoping to get through Thanksgiving. What happened to Thanksgiving? I love Thanksgiving. Love and thanks and food. That's plenty for me!

Lana Gramlich said...

When in need, I find it quite beneficial to google images of puppies (unless you can get your hands on real ones. Nothing beats that.)