Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Baby Grouchie and Little Moo

Happy Thanksgiving Eve to all! I will be back tonight with some thoughts on the day. Hope your Wednesday is rocking!


Scott said...


Well, I got out of work early, and I'm about to make my decision: beer or wine? Or perhaps rum? So as Wednesdays go, it's OK so far. :) Hope yours is going well.

I have mixed feelings about Thanksgiving this year, but , the show must go on, as they say. Hope you have a great Turkey Day, Darlin'. :)

Anonymous said...

Moo cows' on the sides of the rodsa!!!--Short bus and Special

the walking man said...

Is grouchie or the moo going to be your designated driver?

Lana Gramlich said...

Years ago Charles bought me a little, stuffed animal longhorn steer. He'd fit right in there (but these days he's keeping an orangutan, a Canadian goose & 2 Chtulhu's company & I don't think the Old Ones are about to give him up!)