Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Big Writing Day!

Thanks for all the groovy cool comments yesterday! Big writing day today. Question for all -- how much romance do you need in a novel if any? If so, why? If not, why?


chris said...

I think it depends on what the novel is about. A little bit can go a long way.

Detective,mystery,murder,military, history,espinoge. For a good example I will use Griffin,he is great at the history and military stuff and always seems to throw in some minor romance,not very descriptive about the two peoples passion.

Now take a writer who writes about murder,mystery,detective type stuff.They can take romance,build it up and damn near turn it into a smut novel. They can be very descriptive writers in the wording they choose. Two things that have been around as long as mankind has been around, is Sex and booze. Remember if it is done correctly, Sex will always sell.

I wonder if this is why so many writers use a false name ? Would they look at their neighbors and say oh my God,what would this person think of me if they knew I wrote dime store sex novels for a living ?

I heard somewhere that sex that last longer than 10 minutes is over rated anyway ? Ha,Ha,no response needed.

I still think the biggest question is. What is the story about ? I would have to compare your work against people I read all the time. Now keep in mind,if I really want to read about Sex,I will buy a Penthouse.

Ok all of this drivel could be useless to you,after all I have never claimed to be a writer. Just a reader. I know my spelling gives it away,doesn't it. I hope all finds you well today. I will check back in tomarrow,catch you later my Dear.

the walking man said...

If I understand the intended audience for your WIP I think romance is not defined by that age group the same as others.

Flowers? Pish.
Dinner date? Posh.
Pint of Vodka drunk in a park after dark with no lights on. Romance at its finest. And the ensuing scene could be mined to great effect. Taking into account the age appropriate sexuality and understanding that as usual most talk a much better game than they actually play at.

Not being a romantic I have little use for conventional romantic scenes in stories. I much prefer the for and aftermath of the romance scene.

Dave said...

I like the kind of romance where the guy has an affair with a woman he meets at work and the woman gets to clingy to the point of violence and boils the guy's daughter's pet rabbit and the guy says "boy this affair thing is not what it's cracked up to be."

Charles Gramlich said...

That's a fistful of snoopies.

As for romance, I don't need much. I don't mind some but I'm not given to reading books that focus primarily on the romance.

The Professor said...

I would say that it depends on the story. I find romance and sex, when added just to attract readers, distracts from the story. Authors and screenwriters can sometimes try to force romance, which just leaves it feeling stilted and awkward.

Lana Gramlich said...

I don't really need romance in my books, mainly because I have so much in my life (not to mention that I tend to read mostly non-fiction. I don't know that romance would add much to Mandelbrot's "Fractal Geometry of Nature," y'know? *L*)