Friday, June 19, 2009

Wedding Wishes!

Today I offer all my happiest wishes to Steph and Jim, pictured above, who are getting married today. Steph is a dear friend and a hell of a fighter (you guys might remember the earlier post about her toughness in face of a recent illness). As you faithful readers know, I'm not big on marriage in general, but when you find love like these two have, what else can you do? Best wishes from me and Baby Grouchie!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You're friend is so lovely. Hope she has a great wedding. xo, Sam

Charles Gramlich said...

Grouchie seems to be very happy. That's a helluva smile.

the walking man said...

Was Grouchie best man? Did he have a Green tux?

jodi said...

Aww, Meechell, although the chance of success is less than 50%, sometimes we gotta trust our hearts. Grouchie is becoming a "Momma's boy!" Maybe he needs a woman! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Does Baby Grouchie have a uni-leg?


boneman said...

well, your friends do look happy, that's for sure.

Marriage, eh? Tried twice, didn't take. Brother's on #6 (hopefully his last.)

Then again, I have a pair of friends who celebrated their 32d anniversary last year.
It IS SO COOL when that happens.
Hope the best for the new couple!