Sunday, June 14, 2009


Obviously, I've been in mourning over the Red Wings, but I'm going to try and be a big girl about the whole debacle and know that the Stanley will return to us next year. Check out all the cool new things at Motor City Burning Press -- I'm working on stationary and responding to submissions this week.

In other odds and ends, Charles of Razored Zen has had some great posts on writing advice. I used to be a writing book junkie but have laid off them in recent days, probably because I have read damn near every single one. So I give you this question on a lovely Sunday afternoon -- What is the best or worse piece of writing advice you have received? For me, the best is simple -- spend as much time in your writing space as possible. I mean this in literally as I find that it's much easier to slip into work if you're already there both physically and emotionally. Read as much as possible. And find someone you trust to read your work and give you feedback. The worst advice for me usually involves going to cafes to work (not suited for my particular work habits) or something kind of artificial, like making character sketches (can't do it as I don't think of people like that) or keeping a journal (not my thing either). I do write almost every single day as a way of keeping the momentum going (although this doesn't work for some people) and try to stay out of my own way with my every-changing feelings (this sucks, I'm a genius, this sucks, rinse, lather, repeat). What works or doesn't work for you guys?

And most importantly, a big happy birthday wish to the lovely Robin of R's Musings! Check out her beautiful pictures and poems. Much love to you, Miss R!


Cheri said...

What happened to the Friday post!

The best advice I got was to get yourself into a routine. It's the only thing that works for me to get me motivated. And music- but I found that out on my own.

the walking man said...

The best writing advice I ever got was: "Quit Writing"

The worst writing advice I ever got was: "Write"

Scott said...


Sorry about your Wings loss...even though I was never a Wings fan even when I lived in Michigan.

I agree with your writing advice...when I go to a coffee shop or something, I have a hard time writing very productively.I have two writng spaces now, and I'm going to be spending a lot of time in them, I think. I also think that blogging helps keep me writing, which is a good is sort of like warming up before a match or a show or whatever, or maybe like keeping in shape.

Take care, Darlin'! :)

jodi said...

Aw Michelle, I join you in mourning. The world can remember that our Wings better on their worse day than most teams on their best. Writing advice? Just do what makes YOU happy. And you know, I ALWAYS do. xoxo

J.S. said...

Beautiful Michelle,

This best writing advice I've ever received is this:

Write truth.

Love you!


Anonymous said...

Best advice: Revise, revise, revise!

Worst advice: There's no money in writing; become a corporate accountant.

Heff said...

Do you shop at Screaming Mimi's ?

R's Musings said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Michelle! It was a fabulous day! Had a cute packer at the grocery store flirt with me...he should get paid a little extra for complimenting an old lady! :)

As for writing advice, I write when I write, and don't when I don't. Of course, I'm not published, either, so don't do what I do if you want to be a published writer. :)

the walking man said...

Actually the best writing advice I got now that I have thought about it was.

"If you don't want to be hit with this ruler for a seventh time, Mr. Durfee, then make it neater."

Charles Gramlich said...

Write and read. Yeah, the best advice for any writer, I think. I can't do the coffee house thing either. I have a friend who does but I just don't get it.