Monday, June 22, 2009

Lightening Up

One thing I rarely mention on this blog is children. I don't have one and have broken myself of the most irritating habit of all non-parents, making judgements about how they would handle a situation like a child having a tantrum in a store. If that were me, I'd keep my cool. Or I'd never let my child act that way. Really? Good luck. While we'd all like to believe our behavior would never waiver from a combination of brilliant Montessori kindergarten teacher coupled with energy gained only from benign substances like Red Bull and cocaine or a calm achieved with Ease Tea and Valium, most of us have no idea how in the hell we'd act.

Recently, I read a book on loving and loathing your inner housewife, a book about keeping house and child-rearing and having a nanny. I enjoyed it a lot for its honesty. But what shocked me was upon checking out the reviews after, the venom with which women attacked the author. Clearly the woman writing was married to a rich dude, attractive by all accounts if we are to believe the author photograph (trust me, these can be deceiving -- some writers appear to be embalmed in a strange fashion; I plan to go this route), and blessed with tons of help (nanny, maid, therapist, organizing consultant). Do I have anything in common with her? Probably not. But I liked that she told her reality in a way that made me laugh. I love healthy debate. But we all need to be a lot easier on each other, no matter what the situation. Do we really have any idea what anybody else goes through? There are many people I feel are true jackasses just because they offend my tastes (in the interest of time, I will refrain from mentioning them), but I wouldn't deny them their say or even give a rat's ass if they choose to shout it from the roofs or on the latest reality show. Flanagan says she prefers her husband and children to any publication success she's ever had and that women who work miss something by not staying home with their kids. Groovy. It's a point of view, not the Communist Manifesto. Which, come to think of it, is just another point of view.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"A friend will tell you she saw your old boyfriend - and he's a priest." Erma Bombeck

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Hey guys, working on some summer potions! Will share soon!

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the walking man said...

"But we all need to be a lot easier on each other, no matter what the situation. Do we really have any idea what anybody else goes through?"

It is by knowing the trials of others that allows us room to be easier on them. Unfortunately the best way to get understanding of the trials of others is to pass through the same fire.

To them who have never had to jump over the bonfire that singes the ass hairs of one in turmoil. There is only one reply:

"fuck 'em"

Cheri said...

It would be great to stay home with my kid... not gonna happen. Husband? No go. Money? Gotta work to have it. Child support is going to be minimal, at best.

I've heard so much parenting advice in the last 7 months and I don't know if I can heed any of it.

Anonymous said...


The Communist Manifesto is more than mere point-of-view; It is an outline of The Glorious Revolution and the resulting Worker's Paradise!

Perhaps a few short years in the Gulag would help to correct your flawed thinking, no?

Charles Gramlich said...

It does seem far too often that folks don't want others to have their say. Like you say, it's a point of view, not a lifetime committment.

Heff said...

Be sure and get all liquored up before your next vid. It always works for me.