Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baker's Keyboard Lounge

Hi readers! It's Food Friday with Michelle (back after a couple of weeks -- I hope Mark and I inspired a lot of business at the Coney). It is the central meeting place for all important communications in Detroit. Pictured above, I'm at Baker's Keyboard Lounge, celebrating its 75th year. The food here is amazing -- I'm very partial to the fried chicken platter with collard greens and mashed potatoes. Beth enjoys the turkey and dressing platter, reminiscent of all good Thanksgiving meals. The drinks are knock-outs so watch yourself -- one night, I drank ONE vodka martini and ended up channeling the recently dead Jerry Falwell in a disturbing version of drunk dialing that I still can't remember. Although I doubt I expressed any of Jerry's sentiments, apparently my tone was quite passionate. Since then, I've stuck with milder concoctions. The music here is also terrific -- Detroit has a music scene that can compete with anywhere. Hope you're having a very happy Friday!


Cheri said...

Green eh? Absinthe?

the walking man said...

But if you had a newspaper with the date on hand you might have been able to tap Erik's Choice for some cash!

I think seeing you channel Falwell would be a hoot and four quarters...beghorra all the saints'd be lighting all the candles in all the churches of the world.

Anonymous said...

You can channel from Hell?