Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Demands Of Travel

While applying for my passport, I studied the crappy photograph from my last one, a time in which eyebrow maintenance was a concept as foreign as Sanskrit and waited while the postal worker checked to make sure I'd filled out my forms correctly. When did you get divorced? she asked. I had absolutely no idea and had to think back to an approximate. There was a red-haired Russian woman filling out her form and said, That's wonderful. I don't think I'll ever forget mine. You're very lucky. She struggled over her forms because she had to do a special expedite and only had three checks left. I have to get everything perfect. I cannot mess this up. Man, that's the position I was usually in, driving around on an empty tank of gas without directions. The postal worker took my pictures, a hideous grueling activity in the morning and said, You can come in every ten years and see what you look like in comparison, holding my new picture to my old one. That, the Russian woman said, is a form of cruelty. But I felt pretty good -- I'd used enough make up not to be horrified and fared well next to the undefined teenager I once was. And it had been well over ten years.

But the fact was that I'd never once used the first passport. The world of travel my mother had imagined for me when she paid for it hadn't materialized, bending to the demands of a different kind of life, a circumscribed one of enclosed spaces. I got to thinking about the whole relentless march of time thing and where I might find myself in ten years, what I might be doing. All I could hope is that I'd have been somewhere exotic, making the whole get my ass out of bed and fill out forms thing worthwhile. Alas the mind is pretty exotic and the demands of travel rigorous, but perhaps the lure of something beyond what I have seen will sing a siren song louder than anything I can already imagine.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"I have a hot memory, but I know I've forgotten many things, too, just squashed things in favor of survival. " Iggy Pop

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The Moody Blues said...

Thinking is the best way to travel.

Charles Gramlich said...

Looking very goth in this picture, Michelle.

realbigwings said...

What a haunting, beautiful picture, Michelle.

the walking man said...

I'm very happy that I have seen Canada from North to South and East to West because now that the government is going to require a passport to go there. It comes off of the list of exotic places I want to visit.

Thanks to GW and my #1 rule of never being somewhere I am not wanted that leaves out the rest of the world. Which I never wanted to see anyway.

I guess I will just have to compare the few pictures I let the camera hound named Joann take in 2004 with what looks back at me from the mirror in 2014.

I think there are still a few places i could maybe want to see left in America, but when they require a national ID card I won't go anywhere...come to think of it now that I haven't driven in almost two months and may not drive again, I suppose there has to be something I haven't seen in Detroit yet.

But I have been checking bus routes in the city and suburbs and they don't really go anywhere I want to be...It would have taken me 4 buses to get me to the coffee shop today,had it not been for my driver.

Maybe I should get a passport for the internet, at least I'd be ready to visit somewhere exotic if I ever wanted to do that.

Anonymous said...

Fate has been kind to me. I never thought i would get out of the'Burg of my birth but i did. I have been to all but the mid states like Kansas,Nebraska,Iowa, Arkansas and alas Alaska. Good fortune took me to places in the Carribean, Mexico, Canada, Greece, Crete, Germany, Switzerland, France,England, Sweden, Denmark. I renewed my passport recently. Not that i expect to go anywhere but i know I can get out of Dallas if GW pulls off some kind of insanity.

paul said...


The Dark Knight said...
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Dark Knight Too said...

Dark Knight aka Eric Bachman aka Eric313,

Do us all a favor and take your miserable self out.

eric313 said...

Even the stalker thinks my poetry rocks.

Ha. Go hang with your buddy.

eric313 said...

And another day down, my friend.

Writing has never been so good. Look at all the inspiration around us. Nothing matters but the next line and the next page.

JLCGULL said...

Fly high! Circle around fish flies! Or french fries! Then drop like a rocket for the feast!