Monday, July 30, 2007

An Ending Nobody Could Debate

I once ended a relationship by dropping my boyfriend's VCR off of a balcony. As I watched it crash three stories to land in many pieces by his apartment complex pool, I knew I had done the right thing. He stared at it, wondering if I might try to go for his computer next. I'd already accidentally (really!) dumped a glass of Dr. Pepper on it so it worked sporadically at best and the H key did not work at all. You'd be amazed at how often you need an H! At any rate, the theatrical end to this wretched love affair served as definitive punctuation, an ending that nobody could debate, no more on again/off again bullshit. I also took back my St. Christopher medal (those were the days when everyone wore them) and noted with dismay that it had begun to tarnish which I did not blame on the cheapness of its parts but rather the evil evil nature of my boyfriend and his wicked ways. I have never ended anything quite like that again -- most endings are vague at best, given my nonconfrontational personality, with lots of parts undone, like an SAT test that doesn't have many of the ovals colored. I believe this is more like most people's lives work -- endings that don't really feel like endings, strings everywhere, moments where you don't know if you've finished the story or not.

I got into a debate with a friend about a movie the other day, the kind of movie I love where the dialogue and characters are excellent and not much happens. My friend insisted that the movie was not telling the most interesting story it could tell, and I admired it in large part for not catering to the demands that the heroine end up with a man (she doesn't), a resolution to her daddy issues (anyone I know who has daddy issues never resolves them and the men they are with pay, pay, pay), or any other dilemma that her life presents. My favorite movies are kind of like the best days -- ones where you're moving along, being entertained, saying real things and laughing a lot. If a VCR has to die, that's fine, but most days I'd rather just put in a tape and call it a night.

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"Every good painter paints what he is." Jackson Pollock

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Charles Gramlich said...

Good point about how all endings have threads. I'm finding that out with my divorce.

the walking man said...

"endings that don't really feel like endings, strings everywhere, moments where you don't know if you've finished the story or not."

There are no strings between the doors, the ninth door closes and the end is simply the end.

Be at Peace with what you choose Michelle.


Pythia3 said...

dangling threads of suspend 'endimation' . . . stair at them long enough and you'll get hypnotized by the powers of doubt, or use them to suture up the wounds and heal, or let them collect dust like a cobweb, then one day when you're ready and in the mood - get out the old Dirt Devil and clean it all up, or wear them as martyr attire to gain sympathies from bitter people . . . at the very least keep an eye on them so they don't entangle and strangle you when you least expect it!
Endings are a myth - everything is endlessssssssssssssssssssss.

eric313 said...


The ultimate symbolic closure.

You're still on our side, right?

dharmabumwarrior said...

you know, speaking from the dubious experience of three marriages and three divorces. I have found the best way for future interaction with the ex,(so the threads are not turned into a birdsnest)Well, i have found that a hot, sensual, pull out all the stops, good-bye boning provides positive closure. It puts a nice nostalgic aura on the end.

But shit what do i know, that good-bye boning lasted for three months with Ex Number 2.

Vladimir Nabokov said...

Life is a great surprise. I do not see why death should not be an even greater one.