Saturday, July 07, 2007

If It Doesn't Go Away

When my sister and I want to be obnoxious which is almost all the time, we yell out, it's 10:10, make a wish, even when it is not anywhere close. There's some superstition about those numbers being lucky, and of course, when I see those numbers appear, I spend the whole minute tallying up everything I would like to happen -- Please God, give me massive amounts of publications, let my hair look better today, give me more publications, let me write well today, oh, and world peace, no more bloody conflict and remember God, I did not even vote for George Bush as governor of Texas, I voted for Ann Richards and that should count in my favor! This is as close to the world of numbers as I get -- I'm almost phobic about them and when someone starts on a tangent about the beauty of numbers, I get nervous, thinking about how I can't even balance my checkbook. There's no beauty in my checkbook --it's mostly tiny scribbled notes about stories and random bits of conversation that I've overheard; to note, Would you see someone about this rash? If it doesn't go away . . . I hate that son of a bitch I'm married to . . . He tricked me into marrying him by saying he was done with that whore . . . These are worlds into which I have partial entry by merit of my bat-like hearing!

Despite living in Detroit for a decade, I've never played the numbers and have almost no memory for them, but I still remember my childhood phone number and will probably do so when I forget everything else - 325-7229. This combination of numbers keeps coming up in various forms in my life, three being my lucky number given that I was born on the third. Luck is such a strange thing! I'm a lucky person in so many ways, spectacularly unlucky in others. I think about what Hank used to quote, If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. The other day, I saw an old friend who I hadn't seen in years, and we saw a double rainbow. What luck that is supposed to represent! My friend said, It's lucky seeing you again. The last time before that I saw a rainbow was the first anniversary of my dad's death. The sky glowed with color, prisms of it that wouldn't last long, but what sad fleeting beauty lit up that morning.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"The mark of great sportsmen is not how good they are at their best, but how good they are their worst." Martina Navratilova

Cocktail Hour
Drinking book suggestion: Don't Drink The Water Woody Allen

Benedictions and Maledictions
Happy Saturday! Have a lucky 7/07/2007!


Sparky said...

You gotta be good to be lucky!--Sparky Anderson, baseball Hall of Famer and former manager of the Detroit Tigers.

Oscar Mayer said...

Eating hot dogs is a great sport!

Mike Baryshnikov said...

I've had many satisfying conversations with Martina Navratilova.

Inspector Clueso said...

Zee Grouchie haz zee flot epiphany!

Woody Allen said...

The glass is half full, and it's full of poison.

Anonymous said...

Cool t-shirt. Where did you get it?

the walking man said...

That double rainbow was very cool to see.

I don't understand the whole mystic quality of numbers, but then i failed or dropped algebra seven times. which means that even numbers in a practical use have no meaning to me.

I have a favorite number but it was the number of the hack I used to drive about a hundred years.

So it's 7/7/07 sounds like a good day to play slot machines but then with my luck I'd keep getting that damn triple sign to go with two sevens and would never just hit the 777.

so I guess for you it's 10:10



JR's Thumbprints said...


Charles Gramlich said...

We were out looking at the sky last night. No rainbows but a beautiful sunset. I think that's lucky. Lucky for me I'm in a place where I can see it.

eric313 said...

We all saw this same vision that is so dependent on light and perspective. Those variables
alone show us that even the
longest shots are acheivable--no matter how many blue moons, poetic numeral dates, no matter how many friday the thirteenths or or timeless seasons beyond the Mayan calender's reach.

A double rainbow accompanied my decision to go with writing and not that silly engineering bull, way back when in 121. To do what I want, not what those around me wanted me to do. Now if everyone would just get along again like you and our other friends say explicitly and implicitly all the time. Isn't it a shame when loss is your own illusion? Because of numbers or superstition or because of fear, anything intangible or even false that too much stock is placed in. I've been there. I've worn that lovely t shirt.

I'm glad to have followed your example at so many steps, from dealing with everyone and everything, to posting every day, if possible and finding my own grove above the noise--occasionally! I'm glad to follow Susan's example of outgoingness and kind truthfulnes in dealing with everyone. I'm glad to follow Walkingman's willingness to say what he feels openly and never through duplitious means, ever, on any level. I'm glad to follow Dawn in dancing in rain squalls, to befriend them and no that their names are all different entities. I'm glad to follow Cheri's fighting spirit and brashness. I'm glad to now follow the stoic example of not chatting up everyone else, and saving it for my own board and my own delete stick. I'm glad I need no advice beyond that which I ask for. I'm glad I write at a blog called 8mile love graffiti and write about that which it stands for without fail, and dispite discouragement. I'm glad to be stalked by your stalker, as well, it was funny and ironic that he posted the dark knight thing while we were talking--It's funny that he wants to drive everyone away ut can't, since you aren't going anywhere and neither are your fans by that virtue alone. I'm glad to not be in competition for anything, and wish other only knew they compete mostly against themslves. I'm glad to write like that, as well. I'm glad to be your friend. I'm glad for lucky days and unlucky days alike; they are limited and need to be as good as we can try and make them.

I talked to Judi last night and maybe we'll work out a bit more. Her son is off at his father's for a while and she asked me to stay with her for a few weeks, which is great timing, since home is so disapointing unstable and undesirable anyway.

Thanks for the advice to hang in there with her, even just for the reasurance factor of something I was silently doing myself.
God bless you.
Judi said to say hi!
That's better than Melissa
who got jealous over writing time spent by me,
and better than some... well those ex's don't need their stories told here. Yeah, I'm in a good mood. Hope everything is well with you too.

PS~the fireworks have taken on a new frightful aspect for me. At least a sympathetic reaction for a friend who suffers and still smiles for her lovely photographs.

You're a blessing to us that have known you, even through this medium. We tell you this every day with our presence alone. These words are like so many other; superflous etchings of facts that the heart and mind already know.

TV land said...

Just dial Diamond


yet it's still a number,
many people's favorite
sparky one, especially those raised by the TV and it's hypnotic repetitive comercials

Susan Miller said...

Numbers were like a safety net in a sea of random ideas for me. They had specific rules that I could cling to.

May you have an extra lucky day, Michelle! I'm going to have to catch up on reading your writing!

paul said...


Anonymous said...

This post depressed me into thinking of my old number of me and my hubbie -- 703-2879. I will never forget it because it was when I was happy.