Friday, February 02, 2007

The End of Things

My friend Hank used to say that February was the shortest month that lasted the longest -- of course, he died on the last day of it, on the heels of Mr. Rogers. He, I suspect, would have appreciated the irony. First off, February has the dreaded Valentine's day and while I appreciate hearts, especially bloody ones, and the color red, I do not like the holiday itself. It is, in a word, evil. It's cold as all billy hell here in Detroit. But there's something about the bleakness that I can't help but enjoy. I like the end of things. That's usually when they get my attention, when everyone else is in the process of bailing out of the boat.

One of my favorite childhood memories was practicing for A Christmas Carol -- shock, surprise, I was the ghost of Christmas past. We practiced in an unheated church basement and when the miserable conditions were revealed, many parents pulled their children out of the production. We didn't even have enough for all the ghosts, much less Scrooge! I remember our very last rehearsal; the show must go on spirit had left, like a raft that had been pricked with a pin and we sat around eating bologna on Wonder Bread. It was cold and lonely, something that Dickens might have been proud to write had he lived in Texas in the 1980s. I munched along happily -- I'd hung in until the bitter end! There weren't many of us, but hey, I was still standing, ready to rattle my chains and tell everyone how it had been. There's something about that last gasp, the faithful survivors. What can I say? Spring is my very least favorite season. Of course, I was born in the month of May.

Michelle's Spell of the Day

"I have the heart of a young boy in a jar by my desk." Stephen King

Cocktail Hour

Drinking movie suggestion: Carrie

Benedictions and Maledictions

Happy Friday, dear ones!

67 days until The Sopranos airs!


Wichita-Lineman said...

Valentines Day again, curses!!!! It's a dreadful day no matter who you are. I just recovered from racking my brain over the perfect gift for sweetest day, and now Valentine's Day, already. I find that it can be just as dreadful even though I'm married. It's become such a big deal that sooner or later it will become impossible to out-do ones self. There is always that fear of disappointment, that maybe, last year was better, that maybe you didn't live up to your potential. Curses!!! Flowers die, candy goes stale, and a card just isn't good enough.

Professor Irwin Corey said...

The heart is a great symbol of love. I always tell my students that if they can write with heart, brain, soul and gut, they will do well. But then I tell them I don't know what the symbols for the brain, soul and gut are. I guess that's why their writing is of varied quality.

Short bus and Special said...

Boloney on Wonder bread with Hellman's mayonnaise. We're goint to go to Krogers write now to get some, two!

the walking man said...

Hey welcome home, it was 11 degree's at 3am when i got up and I thought it quite warm for Febuary.
Would you like to expeience another Alberta Clipper,like last year, where the temperatures hit below zero for a couple of weeks? Just say the word if you do. Then you'll wish for real fur. heheheh

The old lady and I have it made on Valentines day, she sends my money in cards to the neices and grandaughter and that's the end of it.

Where in the fuck did the term "billy hell" origionate from, certainly not a true description of the near spring like weather we have been having here in Detroit.

And was there an ice storm in Texas(hahahahahaha) while you all were practicing for a Christmas Carol, is that why everyone bailed out on the play?

Which speaking of you playing the ghost of christmas past, if you played that part at christmas time for the old lady and me you'd have no reason to rattle the chains because we treat it like valentines, so as the ghost of christmas past you'd be sitting there with us watching a dvd and eating ritz crackers and drinking diet pepsi.

I love febuary because it is not the month that never ends and when it's over I can look back and say "godamn lived through another one, wheres my welfare checks" which I don't have to wait as long for.

You had better talk to Kwami darlin' he wouldn't like you using the word bleakness to describe anything near Detroit. Oh yeah anyone need a house theres now five empty ones on my block.

Kenyan AA estate coffee at Motor City Jo's today good stuff someone ordered a 1/2 pound and they accidently roasted a pound and a half, febuary begins as a good coffe month.


Rev. Martin Shine said...

Our hope is in the living God, not in a groundhog.

Charles Gramlich said...

Regarding the King quote, I have my mother's eyes, and I keep them in a drawer by my bed along with my father's heart.

Joyce Kornblatt said...

What I love, what I value and care for, what I may also take for granted and treat poorly is already a shattered form that has, in a sense, already gone from this world. Nothing lasts. Will we cherish what is mortal, or neglect and abuse it? Hospice worker and writer Christine Longaker suggests that "the pain that stays with us is the love we held back."

paul said...


Susan Miller said...

"I was still standing, ready to rattle my chains and tell everyone how it had been. There's something about that last gasp, the faithful survivors"

I know this because I have lived it for so long. It seems that we can find comfort in clawing our way around a dark cave. We were taught early. The light is too blinding. But I'm trying, Michelle...I'm trying to believe that I am worthy of a light of my own choosing that suits me better because I am woman, creative, powerful, beautiful, sensual, intelligent.....just like YOU!!!

JR's Thumbprints said...

I couldn't act if my life depended on it (YouTube is my witness). And Valentine's day rates right up there with the Ground Hog seeing his shadow; I wonder if he falls in love with it?

Narcissus said...

Yes, he does.

Snoopy and Woodstock said...

Dear Michelle,
Roses are red and their leaves are green and you're the bestest Valentine we've ever seen. Happy Valentine's Day!