Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Darkness Come Too Early

I once hid a beautiful pair of diamond earrings so I wouldn't lose them. Sequestering them into no fewer than three tiny boxes, I put them in their final resting place. I say final because I have never seen them again. No Hansel and Gretel breadcrumbs for me -- like the good China that nobody ever uses, I didn't think I couldn't think of any occasion special enough to warrant them. I kept thinking that I would stumble upon my little friends one day and shriek with joy, but no. They remain as hidden as the heart, no construction paper cut-out, but a bloody fist heart, their edges and the subsequent loss sharp enough to cut glass.

In voodoo there are sorcerer's bottles that contain spirits of the dead, zombies if you will. Zombies in movies always have bodies but no free will -- only the desire to create more of themselves. But a real zombie, like a genie in a bottle, brings you luck and love. They once had a life, but they no longer have access to it because they are captured and surrounded by mirrors, jewels, sequins, scissors, and ornaments to weigh their souls down. Of course, we have these people too, but like in the movies, these women walk among us, weighed down by what has been lost more by our own hand, if not our souls, then some gleaming representation for which we have given a piece of them up.

Michelle's Spell of the Day

"The map makes itself; I follow, no choice, like exorcising the Darkness come too early." Robert Frank

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Drinking movie suggestion: Let's Get Lost

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Happy Wednesday!

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Inspector Clueso said...

How can you find zees earings wis ziz air, eh?

Robert Osborne said...

Margaret Hamilton was into voodoo.

Charles Gramlich said...

You should ask Wayne Allen Sallee how to find things. He knows the magical phrase by which the lost can be called up.

the walking man said...

You left them in Texas on the top shelf of a closet no one ever uses because it is already full of stuff they never used anymore.

the walking man said...

count not what you had as a loss but rather a freedom from possession of things material and people who may have been the right person for the moment but became the wrong person for the present.

obsess over what you had and can't find again and you are living your present in the past. And tell me if anyone can how does that move you forward to something new, maybe bigger diamond ear rings or better people.

Then you are spiritually in a bottle but have no need of the charms to keep you oppressed an imprisoned for you keep the cell door closed even when they told you ,you are


Laura said...

I hate when I put things away for safe keeping and then when I need it, I can't find it. It happens to me all the time.

Ashley said...

I really liked that!

Cheri said...

I'm addicted ot the reruns on of the show on wednesday nights on A&E, which is my favorite station ever!

Miss you!

Ps- I need to give you your books back! I feel so bad for having them for... over a year.

Tim said...

Hi Michelle,
I am always losing things. Things that I put somewhere they'll be safe, then forget where they are, like my birth certficate or the land deed... little things like that.

I'll keep my eyes open for those earrings, and if you run across the title to my car let me know, ok?
Take care!

JR's Thumbprints said...

I have nothing of value small enough worth losing, except maybe my car keys.

realbigwings said...


Have you tried calling for them by name? Strangely enough, it often works for me, but only if I call like I'll get an answer.
People usually feel too embarrassed or cynical to try, but I'll say it's a method that regularly saves me a ton of looking-time.

Then again, sometimes things decide to get lost and won't answer.