Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Power Of Thinking Big

There's an old self-help book, The Power Of Thinking Big, that makes me laugh when I hear it in my sister Beth's car. Don't talk about your ailments, the reader implores. Why? It bores people. Even though I don't really agree because I don't mind hearing gory details about illness, I know that most people don't want that kind of information. So what do you talk about? According to old-fashioned lore, not politics, religion, or sex. Although in this age where most people seem pathologically unable to hang out with people who disagree with them (big problem if you ask me), it seems that talking about any of the above would be boring. Celebrities? Also tired.

I don't like small talk. Unlike your ailments, it does bore me. I find a lot of social occasions crushingly boring and those who know me know that I'd rather have an intimate conversation with one or a few trusted friends than be at a party, trying to circulate. I want to cut through the polite bullshit. I don't mind harmless gossip -- let's face it, occupational hazard of being a writer. I love good stories. So for me, the power of thinking big is all about being present and transparent. Don't ask me something for the sake of being polite. Ask me what you want to know. Or tell me a good story. I'll listen and follow you to hell and back, provided you want company.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"I wear the chains I forged in life." Charles Dickens

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Anonymous said...

The ghost of Jacob Marley.

Tin Cup

Charles Gramlich said...

I've heard so many ailment stories by this time that I don't really like to hear more. Certainly not if that's all someone can talk about. And I don't mind politics except it seems impossible, as you say, to find someone you can disagree with without having them get pissed.

jodi said...

Michelle, I totally get how small convos with friends kick the butt of big party's. I usually cozy up with a few people and we end up with our own micro-party! Love the new site! xo

chris said...

Ok let's cut through the bullshit. I like that idea. Ok here it is, the bar is really looking good. That's right I have relocated and I am in dire need of a sexy no bullshit bartender. It may not pay real well to start but the view is to die for and the breeze's feel really cool coming off the water. M it is all going to be ok down here. Want to buy a lovely mountain home in Albuquerque ? I am operating off my new phone,so I am a little limited. I must say this I phone is pretty cool. Be safe in that little town you love.

Anonymous said...


I would love for you to get out of Detroit and move to New Mexico with Chris!


chris said...

I just want to sell her my house in new Mexico . I have one pretty cool wife,don't know what I would do with two. Make more of my hair fall out ?

Lana Gramlich said...

Charles & I aren't party people, either. Unfortunately I do sometimes need to attend art events (almost equally as boring, if not occasionally downright disgusting, listing to some egos just going on & on & on about themselves!)