Saturday, June 26, 2010

It May Be Lost

I'm using this as a prompt for my post tomorrow -- favorite and/or worst vacation. Give me some responses and I'll post mine Sunday.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"The way to love anything is to realize that it may be lost." G.K. Chesterton

Cocktail Hour
Tomorrow -- Hung, HBO. Watch it. Seriously.

Benedictions and Maledictions
Happy Saturday!


Charles Gramlich said...

Many of my favorite vacations were, to use an overused term, staycations. I had a great vacation in Canada years back though. With Lana showing me all her old haunts.

Anonymous said...

* just wanna share this with you. It's so funny.

“Here’s how you resist the devil, kiddies!”

I went to a church service twenty five years ago where the pastor got the idea to demonstrate for all of us Sunday morning attendees how to properly resist the devil. For the demonstration, he pulled
a kid out from the congregation,
saying, “C’mere, kid!” Then he
called several men up and said, “C’mere, you fellas!” I was not one of “the fellas,” thank goodness.

My body language must have told the pastor not to call on me; I was
in the back loading a handgun and eying the “Exit” sign. Next, the pastor had all but one of the men form a circle, and he put the kid in the middle of it. Then he told one of the men to stand outside the circle.

“This kid is you people!” he shouted. “And this outside man is the devil! And these men in the ring are also you people! “Now pay attention, you people!” With an intro like that, I felt like I had to pay attention.

“Now here’s how it is,” the pastor
continued. “Satan can wreck your lives. He can wreck your
salvation, and possibly even your
car. He has already wrecked
several of your marriages. Right,

A man ran from the church. I
assume it was Bill. “Satan is constantly foiling God’s plans for
your lives!” continued the man of God. “But you don’t have to let him do this. That’s right! Watch how you can kick Satan’s butt and send him back to hell!”

The pastor then instructed “devil man” to charge the kid, and told the men in the ring, “Resist the devil! Resist the devil! Resist the devil!” By this time, I had my
pistol fully loaded and would have shot any of the “your people” attempting to prevent my escape. The demonstration, from what I saw of it, was a sweaty mess, with grunts, groans, rug burns, and one
gouged eye. The devil ended up capturing the kid and taking him to hell, i.e., Sunday school. There was only one bad thing
about the demonstration, that I could tell. Satan invented it.

by martin zender

Jason said...

Favorite was a road trip with my lady. Very early in our relationship, we took a road trip with only one goal: Vegas to Detroit. The route was totally up to us and we made it up as we went along. It was a month after 9/11 and all the strangers we met were so nice and so friendly. It was if they were just happy to see other Americans, that outside their own towns people were still alive, living, and falling in love.

Lana Gramlich said...

My favorite vacation happened within a couple of weeks of leaving my ex. I was on the road with 2 younger guys (coworkers,) that I barely knew, going to Arizona. It was a great time. Nothing was planned & we did & saw so much, including Meteor Crater & the Grand Canyon. I also ended up with a couple of best friends for life (we all even ended up living together in Toronto for a year.) Good times...