Monday, April 27, 2009

SpongeBob Squarepants!

Is anyone else disturbed by the strange Burger King ad that features dancing girls with phone books tucked in their shorts gyrating to the strains of that most eloquent ode to the backside, Sir Mixalot's "I Like Big Butts?" Except it's changed to square butts and Burger King is (and yes, I think this is the right word) pimping children's meals. Somehow the innocent SpongeBob SquarePants has also landed into this quagmire of strangeness. And the Burger King guy just looks like a pedophile. I don't know why I think this; the only pedophile I knew was the funeral director that lived next door and he looked like a normal guy except for a real fondness for Brilocream. Sufficed to say, one dab did not do him.

I find NPR (I am the killjoy in the car who says, If you don't turn that shit off, I will stab myself in the eyes) and political correctness a total bore, but come on! I liked Sir Mixalot back when his ode to women's butts seemed a lovely counterpart to the whole hideously thin movement that had taken over. I'm starting to believe that the rumors that they have bars in ad agencies where people can guzzle vodka straight and come up with ideas. I don't eat at Burger King -- for some reason, nothing there appeals to me. Somehow, though, I think I could have come up with a better ad.

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"I still believe in Hope - mostly because there's no such place as Fingers Crossed, Arkansas." Molly Ivins

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Drinking memoir suggestion: Unravelled Maria Housden

Benedictions and Maledictions
Happy Monday! Thanks for all well wishes -- I'm glad not to have the evil swine flu. Stay well, my dears! I'll be catching up on all e-mail and everything else in the next two days. My big project only needs the final touches and like my lovely girl Jodi says, It's summer! Time to have some fun, catch up on blogs and friends, and prepare for whatever the next year of my life holds. This one certainly didn't pull any punches!


Charles Gramlich said...

I've long been a fan of Burger King's Original chicken sandwiches, but this commercial is seriously turning me off. I find it inappropriate enough to be irritating. Course, I didn't care much for that song when it came out orginally.

Hey, I'm like you with NPR.

Anonymous said...

NPR sucks.--Charles(not on the road)Kuralt

the walking man said...

I had never seen the ad so I looked it up...the above is a short link.

"Brylcreem was created in 1929 and marketed as the first hair product for men. It was a greasy cream that could be run through the hair, slicking it back into perfection. It gained popularity with teenagers who combed their hair into pompadour ducktails, which earned them the nickname “greasers.” Without the addition of the Brylcreem grease, grooming just wasn’t complete."

"I'm a Dapper Dan Man" Brother Where Art Thou

Burger King in their most recent ads are seeming trying to be all things to all people but someone should tell them that their icon is a freak.

So uhhh with your penchant for callin' 'em the way you see 'em concerning NPR would you mind riding around with the old lady for awhile...she makes me crazy with it.

Anonymous said...

I made the mistake of eating a raw pig a friend of mine had just brought back from Mexico.--J. Leno

jodi said...

Ohferpetesake! Honey we coulda came up with something more creative or at least laughable AFTER a few Southern Comfort Manhattan's! What a bunch of simpletons! BK is as gross as it's ads!! xo

Me_Again said...

Sex sells...but c'mon why do they have to involve children. But look at all the Abercrombie ads.
It's just simply wrong.

Anonymous said...

Oksy has a great voice.--M.Gibson

Scott said...


I saw that BK ad the other night, and I thought it was weird, and not in a good way. I never saw the King as a pedophile, but he is a creepy bastard. I also never liked that rap song, but I think rap is spelled with a silent 'C' in front of it, personally.
And I hate to admit it, but I listen to NPR occasionally...but I promise not to have it on if we're ever in the same car!

Anonymous said...

I DVR everything I watch and fast forward through the commercials.

@ x300

It's my little way of sticking it to The Man.

I like NPR. There are no commercials and since Bush left office the hosts, reporters and commentators are much more mellow.

Heff said...

That commercial rubbed me the wrong way as well. It's a commercial for a KIDS MEAL for crissakes !!!

The creepy king has always freaked me out anyway.

jennifer said...

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