Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Detroit Moan

The tax day blues! Hope you're having a good one. Back at you tomorrow with more drinks, writing, and pictures.


Charles Gramlich said...

sounds about right for the post tax day blues.

the walking man said...

Lets see

My house has lost 75% of it's value
Annuities lost 30%
Banks pay 0.05% interest on savings

and I still owed a grand in taxes...
Yeah I think I am going to have to go walking down on Hastings street.

Dave said...


Glad to see that you are doing your civic duty. 'Render unto Ceasar' and all that.

Scott said...


Cool old-school blues.

Hope you had a good day! Take care! :)

Anonymous said...

Start lining up for the cool aid. Unfortunately, due to economic conditions, we have only one flavor.--J. Jones