Saturday, April 11, 2009

Holy Saturday

Seven years ago tonight, I became a Catholic. I loved the long ritual and reading the part about the creation of sea monsters (here's where my dramatic actressy side came out) among other things (hey, I love the surreal aspect) and getting baptized. I also went into the baptismal in my stilettos, obviously my sin nature -- ha! -- asserting itself. We're about to go into ordinary time, the longest part of the year. It's my favorite in a way -- nothing special happening, just day after day. Lent is finished and now I begin another year. I wish I had some giant fortune cookie to let me know what to expect, but maybe not. The last seven years have been fairly dramatic with lots of twists and turns. But I still have my communion gifts -- strangely, none have been lost. These talismans remind me to stay calm, that each day presents a shot at redemption from the worst and best I have to offer.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances." Robert Flatt

Cocktail Hour
Drinking memoir suggestion: The Addict Michael Stein

Benedictions and Maledictions
Happy Saturday! Video tomorrow for Easter!


Charles Gramlich said...

A baptism in Stilettos. sounds like a great title for a Noir story.

Tim said...

Happy Easter Michelle!

the walking man said...

Have you ever considered how fortunate it is that Catholics sprinkle and not dunk the communicant? But none the less enjoy your 7th anniversary.

A Hindu gift for your 7th year.

Scott said...


Creation of sea monsters? Sounds interesting.

Congrats on your 7th year in your religion, and happy Easter!

jodi said...

Hello Doll, Like I always say-- "NEVER surrender the heels as you surrender your soul!" Yay on 7 years, I too am a "lifer". I wouldn't want to know my fortune-too much stress in knowing and trying to change it. Just have a nice big "toonie" and roll with it.!! Happy Easter, babe.

Laura Benedict said...

Amen, sweetie! xoxo

R's Musings said...

Hard to believe it's been 7 years already! I'm glad I was there to witness that very important stiletto moment, and that you still have the gift from me & Sharon. She & I spent a good deal of time going through every aisle at the Catholic Supply House looking for just the right thing for special you!

I remember the way the light shone through the stain-glassed windows, the swish of the ceiling fan, and how unsteady I felt handling that lighted candle, hoping not to burn myself, in more ways than one! lol Love & miss you, Sweets!

chris said...

Stiletto moment. Who can complain about a Woman, whom wears them ? I have never tried them and more than likely will not, but I do admire a woman who can keep her ballance in them,runing really gets to me. Grace and ballance,I will stick with foot stomping my boots. Happy 7th anniversary,my we all find solice where we can.

I hope those other problems worked themsleves out. You don't need a giant fortune cookie for the future. The worst is behind you,I see only blue sky's. You have a great week,busy lady.

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