Saturday, January 05, 2008

Potions To Remedy Almost Anything

Hi readers! Here are the Saturday pictures of as Oprah would say, some of my favorite things -- drinks! (Okay, the last part so not Oprah.) Sadly, the holidays are done and my days of wine and roses are coming to a close, but here are some of the greatest hits from December. January is the cruelest month, a time when drinking during the day is frowned on and going back to work is expected. And the gym beckons. Cruel days indeed!

Maledictions and Benedictions
In addressing Wayne's comment from yesterday, I must say that I appreciate and am grateful for everyone who reads this blog -- be it one time or regularly. Without your faithful presence, there would be no point. That said, I don't see it as my duty to do anything but provide a voice that people enjoy or dismiss. I read blogs not because of some "you read me, I read you" edict, but because I enjoy them, not because I expect to develop a relationship of any kind with the author of that blog -- if it happens, great, if not, that's fine as well. As for my short skirts and blank stares, I'm going to keep on with it as long as I can find people willing to take the pictures (or can set them up myself) that I feel enhance the text. I'm very interested in photography both as subject and photographer. If that's "manipulation," so be it. Love when men do this kind of thing, it's called either art or pornography. When a woman uses herself to this means, she's become a siren, luring men off the ships to their deaths. Most of the time, I find it hard enough to find someone to accompany me to Target much less the ends of the earth. End of rant! Happy Saturday!


Rodney Dangerfield said...

Lure me, baby, if you know what I mean.

Short bus and Special said...

We drops the lurds thorugh the fish holes on Anchor Bay ice fishings in Michs.!!!

Budweiser delivery guy said...

I don't have a lot of heavy deliveries this week.

Inspector Clueso said...

Zee champagne decolletage, eh?

Cheri said...

Well said, gorgeous!

paul said...


The Bad Guy said...

Your pictures are awesome, but not exactly compelling--unless of course one happens to ride the shortbus with rodney.

The pics enhance the text, yes, but it's the text that is the exquisite part.

Many people read and comment here regardless of whether you read or comment on their pages.

realbigwings said...

Nice fire, dear. It's nice to know you'll keep it regardless.
Many blessings for your new year. Shine on, and also revel in the chthonic beauty.

the walking man said...

I can't tell for sure from the picture but have you saved and cut out the middle man and just started drinking in the liquor store? Damn i wish i would have thought of that.



Sheila said...

Happy New Year Michelle. Can't wait to see you in class. I got all my hair chopped off and I had it colored deep deep red. I love it.

P.S. you totally have to try this drink that I concocted New Year's Eve... a shot of lemon vodka, a shot of sprite, and fill with sweet and sour mix. it is AWESOME!

Jason said...

I read regularly but I don't always comment and I never expect any sort of reciprocation. That's for my own blog's content to inspire.

I always thought of your pictures (provocative or other wise) as a reflection of the same bravery it takes to post your writing.

Pythia3 said...

I'll go to Target with you, Michelle! Or shall I say, 'tarzjay' as we elitists call it. lol
I'm here catching up on your posts because I enjoy them. I have not been writing posts lately, just scribbling in my journal . . . but I DO love reading some of my favorite blogs and yours is one of them. But I hate the thought of the "have to's" and I'm happy you spoke up about it.
Aren't blogs supposed to be anti political and social correctness? I thought they were freedom of thought and expression and speech and creativity . . . not just another set of unwritten rules to follow on the www.coms. I'm way too tired to even think along those lines of thought.
I am really loving photography, as you can see by my blog. It's a photo journalistic twist on reporting the contents of my heart or mind.
I love the drink photos . . .could use one now!
Be well.