Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Cocktail Hour

I've always hated New Year, all that promise stretched out like party streamers and tired resolutions that won't happen. But as I get older, the years roll by faster, and I find myself a little less bitter when this time of the year rolls around. For one, it means Christmas is over and for two, expectations start to dwindle. I'm happy to be alive, happy to write, happy to have the same friends from years past and new ones as well. Eight is the infinity number and is supposed to be infused with mystical qualities. Here's to a wonderful new year to all of you and yours. I'll be back at you tomorrow with more writing, my one and only resolution, each and every year!

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"Good resolutions are simply checks men draw from banks from which they don't have an account." Oscar Wilde

Benedictions and Maledictions

Happy 2008!!!!


the walking man said...

Princess Dufus,
Hope your hangover is filled with the taste of expensive tequila and you had one for me.

The gunfire celebration according to the old lady was not as firefight like as usual so you didn't miss much.

Now only 1 more real true day of respect left for a while to look forward to now and that is Martin Luther King day, which when you think of it is more important a day for reflection than New Years (may yours be filled with the richness you deserve by the way kiddo.) Then everyone gets to grind it out 'til Memorial day.

Now on to fulfilling my resolution because you at this moment have a 7 letter word verification.



eric1313 said...
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Bob Ufer said...

Congrats Lloyd Carr and your Michigan Wolverines. Hail to the Victors! Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeechigan!!!!

Tony Soprano said...

I hope to tune in all year, Michelle. You're better than any drug Dr. Melfi ever gave me.--Tony

Brian in Mpls said...

Happy New Years:)