Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Tiniest Stars, Falling All Around You

Since it's almost spring, I'm going to give one last moment to winter, a season that I love.
Detroit Winter

Bleak, that’s a given. No sun for
days. The spring doesn’t arrive
soon enough. You can drive chewed-
up streets, never be lulled into a smooth
ride. It’s declining, you’re declining.
You don’t have to pretend everything
is wonderful and nobody says it’s too
pretty to stay inside and when you drive
downtown you can see Joe Louis’ fist
sticking out, all that gold in the midst
of the grey sky and you think of all
the hits you’ve taken and all the ones
you’ve given and you see snow, like
the tiniest stars, falling all around you.
Michelle's Spell of the Day
"You must have found me because I wished so hard." Dare Wright, The Lonely Doll
Cocktail Hour
Love in the Afternoon
1 shot Tequila Rose
1 shot of Godiva Dark Chocolate liqueur
Benedictions and Maledictions
Happy Sunday! The Sopranos are on tonight, good people. Do not forget!


Tony Soprano said...

I could have used a few boxing lessons from Joe Louis in my fight last week with Bobby. My pride as Tony Soprano was hurt. But Bobby still works for me and he knows it. Thanks for all your support, Michelle. You're kind of the Detroit branch of the Sopranos. Good poem, by the way, although I don't read much poetry. Hold tight, tonight's episode could be a bumpy ride, but from what I've heard, Detroiters are used to bumpy rides, right? Thanks again.--Tony

Charles Gramlich said...

I think I appreciated winter more when I was young. The bleakness set well with me. Winter, the season like my mind.

Short bus and Special said...

We love you're pearls! We're BUPKISSES!

Rodney Dangerfield said...

I'd like to give you a pearl necklace, if you know what I mean.

Tim said...

Nice poem Michelle!
Although I like winter, I do wish spring would come soon. I guess it's technically here now, but you'd never know that today here in Ohio.

E rasputin said...

Hi m, computer barely works online and I'm amazed I'm on now. OK poem, but then what the fud do I know... I only seduced the Romanovs into extinction...

the walking man said...

Detroit Winters...

keeps the thugs and punks inwards, afraid of the cold ,and getting those 20 inch gold plated spinners covered in salty slushy dung.

Soon comes the earths proper tilt then with the sun the ak's, mac 10's and a variety of other guns.Blossoming flame thrown flowers for more Detroit Love.

Come ahead with the spring, it's cool, because at the first sound of gunfire, momma didn' raise no fool, I hit the floor or ground.

When the shootin's over then I'll raise my head and look around for that body, because if it ain't found quick the thing will be crow bait and start a terrible stink as it rots and bloats growing thick.

Waiting for a new winter snow init's open grave field to come cover it up and give it a white shield as a blanket for warmth.

I don't think Michelle in the ten or so winters you have been here you have really ever seen a Detroit winter. We at one time would have three or four blizzards a season where you might have thought you were in Buffalo.
But we have been in the thin cycle for a bit yet and soon enough they will come back and then you too will want a Hummer because of the car size pot holes.

the walking man said...

Rodney you are about the crudest cretin i have ever not been able to introduce myself too personally, the only way your pearl necklace would ever skeet skeet was if someone was fucking you in the ass and it went on your own face. you dog.

paul said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle such lovely views and posts as always and I am enjoying Oscar the Original G's most vigorous humourous tale. It is simply smashing. I hope he makes his mother proud and all stocked up with the finest Bolly champagnes and Russian caviars. To you and the Sopranos on your windscreen and as always to your lustrous blog and the little Grouch, Bravo always! JIRicci

e rasputin returns f/t dead said...

I'm back. Somebody put something in my drink at dinner--then I had ten more.
I was soon after strangled and bludgeoned to pulp. Then shot. In the forehead, no less. fiveoh gonna need a new mugshot for me. I was still kickin' and bitin' and all when I got wrapped in a rug tamale-style and tossed in the detroit river for safe keeping. Glad it ain't a Detriot winter anymore; now all I have to worry about is dysentery.

Poem was better after reading it twice; it's just different from the norm. But it fits in your playbook to always keep'em guessing, "If your forces approach formless, then the deepest spy can not discern you, nor the wise make plans against you". Our man Sun Tzu always knew a good plan that covered more than one arena. I like the title, though. It's got a funky kind of Karl Sagan feel to it. Yes funky and Karl Sagan, same sentence. I'll be lucky to keep my Detroiter card after people read that...