Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Grouchie's First Novella

I warned Baby Grouchie about getting involved in the writing process, but I couldn't dissuade him from trying his hand at the horror we call fiction. He told me his title, Grouchie's Bad Day Outdoors. He hates nature and is attempting to purge a few demons. I'm sure you can sympathize.


JLCGULL said...

Rock and roll, Grouchie. Let 'er rip.

Susan Miller said...

That title makes me smile, Michelle. Release the demons, Grouchie!

the walking man said...

You go Grouchie...and don't forget to add conflict between your hero and the unseen things outdoors, like huge 4x4's that are being driven by heads up their ass people, or in your case those little electric cars that all the children seem to be driving on the sidewalk, you are kind of short you know. Writing is better than being a parking lot attendant Grouchie. wink wink.