Saturday, April 14, 2007

Grouchie Begins To Venture Downstairs

Once upon a time, Mommy bought me from an antique toy store. I lived with the other stuffed animals until I was placed into a clearance bin. Mommy did not want to go to a toy store, but she was there shopping for a Bad Man who did not love her very much. Instead of finding a toy for him, she found me. I did not cost hardly anything since I had been marked down so many times. I never had a daddy, but I did not suffer. Mommy is enough for me. Only once did she make a mistake concerning my well-being but then she let me get drunk at home every night for a whole week to make up for it. That's the kind of Mommy every boy loves! That's what my book is going to be about -- going outside, getting hurt, and then coming inside to recover. Mommy is a writer and that makes her sad, but I feel like I'm more stable than she is so I will be able to handle telling my story. I was going to go outside today, but Mommy's car Snowflake's battery died. It's Friday the 13th, and Mommy cursed a lot. I will try again tomorrow.


the walking man said...

Grouchie...have mommy grease up that hand rail and open the door and you will be further outside than you have ever been before and the best part is you will get out there flying towards your adventure like Supergrouch a mighty green grouch that used to lift tall buildings with a single finger.

By the way if you steer I bet your mommy could push Snowflake to a place to buy a new battery and put it in for her too

Donna said...

You just keep getting better, Michelle. I am actually bonding with Grouchie.
Your misery is our gain and I am thankful that you share so much.

JLCGULL said...

Even though Friday the 13th is known to be an unlucky day, Grouchie, you are lucky to have Michelle for a mommy. You can tap into her huge supply of creative writing textbooks and have a jump on all the competition in the world outside. But just remember, Grouchie, if your mommy hasn't already told you, the fastest person doesn't always win the race. Fly high, Grouchie!

JR's Thumbprints said...

Hey Grouchie,
Your mommy should not be climbing trees.

Andrew Warhola said...

That's a wonderful photo, Michelle. It's almost as if Grouchie is admiring the framed photo of the cover of "A Hotel Room in Baton Rouge," which is on the stairway wall. Marvelous! It's a great book of poetry, by the way.

Rodney Dangerfield said...

Did she really let you get drunk at home for a whole week? Geez, I wish I had a mom like that! Come to think of it, both of my parents encouraged drinking at home. It was a lot cheaper, if you know what I mean. Good luck in your writing career! Try comedy! If you catch on, it's one hell of a ride, if you know what I mean!

Charles Gramlich said...

Grouchie, your sincerity comes through in ever word. Clearly you have immense talent that is as yet untapped. And listen, if you really start to hit it big, give me a call. I think we could make some money together. (P.S. no need to tell your mommy about that last comment.)

eric said...

Bravo, grouchie! Don't let the date scare you, fri 13 was a bunch of crappy movies that make me laugh. Be very scared of white cars named snowflake... they will always betray you, one slip, that's it, that's all it takes.

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